West Virginia Students Take Stand For Jesus Christ, Immediately Get Suspended

In the ongoing efforts to redefine this country and its future, liberals are doing their utmost to remove all references to God, Jesus Christ, or anything related to a higher power from this country’s history and traditions.

Some brave students in West Virginia are not letting it stand anymore. According to WOAY News, these students let the world know that they were suspended from school for protesting that omission of “one nation under God.” After liberals deleted God from the Pledge and these students wanted to protest it, they got suspended!

A couple dozen Spring Valley High School students have been suspended after they wanted to protest the school’s decision to remove “one nation under God” from the pledge of allegiance–something that Christian students saw to be a deliberate choice.

One student at Spring Valley, Alexis Potter, explained the students’ exchange with the principal. “We all sat together and said we’re not leaving until you say the pledge right. She said I’m not going to associate with you guys. Not the time or the place,” reported WCHS News.

“We were sitting in the commons today. She said herself I was debating on whether to put one nation under God in the pledge,” said Brianna Fyre, another student. “We got suspended for two days and we wanted to talk like civilized people with her and she refused.”

Tammy Forbush, Spring Valley High School Principal, says that she left the line out as a mistake and that the entire matter was a massive misunderstanding. However, when some students insisted that they say the pledge correctly, she decided to discipline them for refusing to go to class.

Some parents are voicing their concerns over these anti-Christian sentiments. “I think it’s very unfair. My daughter was suspended for two days. As of yesterday, my daughter was told not to bring a Bible to school,” said Misty Maynard, just one of many concerned parents. “How do you come to grips with this?”

Many other parents planning on speaking up at the next school’s board meeting, and some even plan to seek legal counsel. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Christians have had to fight for their rights in the public education system.

For instance, in Pasco County, a superintendent reminded the high school football coach that they were not allowed to pray with their teams before any of their games to avoid any “misunderstandings,” a comment that incited a backlash against the superintendent. In another case, a Florida teacher prohibited some of her students from wearing small Christian necklaces in her class, claiming that they were “gang symbols” and were disrespectful.

High school students got suspended over the school’s decision to remove “one nation under God” from the pledge of allegiance after they protested the removal. Are public high school students still allowed to express their faith in school?

Thankfully, ever since the Trump administration came into power, Christians have started to fight back in the ongoing culture war.

A month ago in one prominent case, a new law was passed in Florida in which students were finally allowed to refer to their faith in school work, wear religious symbols, and pray without interference–only after a long judicial battle.

If these West Virginian students and parents decide to continue to stand up for what’s right, they can expect a long and demanding struggle to await them. But with Christianity making a comeback in today’s society, they have plenty of reasons to remain confident as they face these challenges.