BREAKING: World Leader Exposes George Soros’ Evil Crime

Victor Orban, the conservative Prime Minister of Hungary, has been a voice of reason and sanity in defense of European values as well as Western Civilization as a whole. His main target is the wealthy Hungarian billionaire George Soros, an international figure who has devoted much of his acquired wealth to promoting far left causes in western nations.

Orban recently called out the Hungarian-born billionaire and Belgium for funding pro-mass migration organizations in a sinister effort to create a “new, mixed, Muslimized Europe,” working hand in hand with Belgium against the people’s will, stating, “In order for Europe to be able to live, it has to win back its sovereignty from the Soros Empire… Once this is done, migrants must be taken back outside the EU. It sounds strict, but those who came illegally, must be transported back. We have to admit that the European continent cannot remain unprotected.” (via Breitbart)

Speaking at the 28th Balvanyos Open University camp on Saturday, President Orban made these remarks as a part of a wider series of discussions regarding the future of Europe. He continued to say that he stands opposed to migrants “who could change the country’s cultural identity,” and that as long as he is prime minister “the fence will stay in place. We will protect Hungary and Europe. We can never be in solidarity with ideals, peoples and ethnic groups who set out with the goal to change European culture… because the end result is collapse. Will Europe be inhabited by Europeans… Who will live in Europe?” (via Breitbart)

George Soros has been linked to a number of global causes that promote open borders and mass, unrestrained immigration. He has given over $12 billion funding these causes, most notably being the Open Society Foundation which assists pro-migration activists. Soros personally admitted a few years ago that national borders are an obstacle to be overcome, in his eyes.

The problems that a border-less world creates are too vast to count. The proper function of any government is to protect the individual rights of their citizens and guard their safety as well. In a world with open borders, it becomes impossible to ensure that everyone entering the nation isn’t a potential threat to ordinary citizens.

A world with open, porous borders — without any national lines at all — would effectively destroy Western Civilization. Without an orderly and lawful immigration system, our social welfare programs would be stretched even thinner than they already are, resulting in a collapse of the safety nets for those in our country who truly need them during difficult times.

Western nations also would not survive the forced “multiculturalism.” Instead, assimilation should be encouraged. Immigration is a positive thing — it’s how our country was built — but our laws also must be followed in the process.

A world with open borders would result in the largest increase of crime rates ever seen. That is the purpose of strong borders: protection from criminals seeking to make prosperous countries their next exploit.

President Trump wants strong borders and to build a border wall to protect citizens from criminals. Do you support him?

Soros and others like him are championing for a total collapse of Western Civilization, whether they know it or not.

When confronted with the reality his radical political vision would create, Soros resorted to slander as an attempt to shield his efforts from scrutiny. In the recent case of an anti-Soros awareness campaign being conducted in Hungary, the wealthy billionaire accused the government of anti-Semitism rather than address the concerns of the campaign.

As Orban risks his career to expose George Soros’ intentions for the western world, let us hope that people are willing to listen to his message.