Woman Says She Killed GOP Politician Husband in Self-Defense, Then Prosecutor Reveals How Victim Was Found

A New Jersey woman who claimed she killed her husband to protect herself was denied a release from jail after prosecutors sought to poke holes in her story during a Tuesday hearing.

Marylue Wigglesworth is accused of murdering her husband, David Wigglesworth, on Christmas Day, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, when she called 911 to summon police to her home, she said there had been a fight taking place, according to the Press.

However, during Tuesday’s hearing, Atlantic County Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy said David Wigglesworth was “naked and in bed with the TV on” when he was killed.

At the end of the hearing, Atlantic County Superior Court Judge Patricia M. Wild ordered Marylue Wigglesworth held in jail due to the “severity of the charge” against her.

Her next hearing is scheduled for Feb. 6.

David Wigglesworth unsuccessfully sought a seat on the Hamilton Township Committee in 2019, running as a Republican. He also served on the township’s planning board and was a volunteer for the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City, according to WKXW.

Melissa Rosenblum and Jonathan Diego, the attorneys representing Marylue Wigglesworth, said she has been “overcharged” for defending herself and told the judge she “feared for her life,” the Press reported.

Marylue Wigglesworth has not denied shooting her husband.

During the hearing, Rosenblum said that the accused had bruising and injuries on her arms and torso from the events of the night she shot her husband and questioned whether pictures to support that were taken by police.

“What the state did not do and did not present, your honor, is that when she did talk to the police, she admitted that she shot him,” Rosenblum said.

“She stated at least six times to the officers that there was a fight and an altercation. They never took pictures of her that night to see what her injuries or bruising were, or at least I have not received them, your honor,” Rosenblum said.

Although Rosenblum tried to argue that Marylue Wigglesworth was not a threat to the community, Levy said the incident showed she can be violent.

“The fact that she hasn’t been violent to the rest of the community is all well and good; however, she was extremely violent on this night,” Levy said.

In a statement, Diego and Rosenblum said the truth will emerge in the end.

“A tragedy occurred on Christmas evening. Ms. Wigglesworth is innocent of the charge against her. … The facts of that heart-rending evening will unfold in a court of law, not the court of public opinion,” the statement said, according to NBC.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.