BREAKING: Woman Moving To Take Down Bolling Has Dark Past

The Huffington Post is leading the crusade to oust another Fox News host and supporter of President Trump. The left-wing publication released an exclusive article last Friday accusing Eric Bolling of sending unsolicited pictures of his genitalia to two women who wish to remain anonymous.

Fox News suspended Bolling immediately after the report was published. Additionally, after the report was published, liberal political science professor Caroline Heldman publicly accused Bolling of making “an unspecified number of unsolicited¬†sexual advances to her,” reported The Philadelphia Inquirer. However, Heldman has a murky past and has made many similar allegations.

Caroline Heldman is a far-left professor at Occidental College and a vocal opponent of President Trump. Heldman was photographed protesting Trump’s inauguration with a sign claiming that he is a rapist.

Perhaps more troubling is the fact that Heldman came out as one of Bill O’Reilly’s accusers. The allegations against O’Reilly ultimately lead to his departure from Fox News.

So-called media watchdog Media Matters relied on her allegations against O’Reilly and led a campaign targeting his sponsors. None of the allegations against O’Reilly were proven in court, and Lisa Bloom, the lawyer representing the three accusers–including Heldman–dropped the case after O’Reilly was ousted.

In a “victory statement,” Bloom celebrated the firing of O’Reilly, writing, “when women speak out: we can slay dragons.” Based on that statement and the fact that the allegations never went to court, it is clear that firing O’Reilly was the ultimate goal of the three accusers.

Bloom is the daughter of notorious civil rights lawyer, Gloria Allred. Both are representing several of the women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct in the lead-up to the 2016 general election. Trump denies all the allegations leveled against him.

Additionally, Bloom received some media attention after appearing at a press conference with her client Kathy Griffin where Griffin claimed that Trump “broke her.” Griffin infamously appeared in a set of pictures with Trump’s bloodied and severed head.

Publicly accusing Bill O’Reilly of sexual misconduct was great for Heldman’s career. The media personality used her fifteen minutes of fame to appear on multiple cable news programs to discuss her relationship with O’Reilly. Heldman also made accusations of sexual misconduct against¬†Fox News consultant, Woody Fraser, and former Phillies outfielder, Lenny Dkstra.

Heldman is a repeated accuser of sexual misconduct. Nothing has come of her claims, which she makes years after the supposed incidents took place, and only after the alleged perpetrator is already ousted by other accusers. Now, she is launching a new media assault to discuss the supposed sexual misconduct of Bolling.

Sexual misconduct allegations will continue to be leveled against Fox News hosts whether or not they are true. Since their inception in 2004, Media Matters has been attempting to oust Fox News hosts such as O’Reilly. However, these attempts had all failed until O’Reilly was publicly accused of sexual misconduct.

Now, far-left rabble-rousers know they can oust any anchor at Fox News simply by accusing them of sexual harassment. These claims do not even need to be proven in court before Fox fires pro-Trump personalities.

Ultimately, this troubling trend will continue as long as Fox News lets it happen. Unless the conservative network holds its judgment until after these cases go to trial, left-wing activists will continue accusing conservative pundits of sexual impropriety.