BOMBSHELL: New Report Exposes Why America Needs Paper Ballots

Voting is one of the core principals of America. Elections both big and small determine who is going to represent the people. But how safe are the voting machines that record the voting voices of Americans?

As it turns out, voting machines can be hacked. New information has revealed that not only can the machines be hacked, but people can go in and manipulate the digital results without leaving a trace behind them, according to The Washington Times. This is a huge deal for Americans, like President Trump, who want to ensure that votes are fair and balanced.

This information was recently revealed to the President’s Voter Integrity Commission on Tuesday. The concern is that someone can hack the machines and change the outcome of an election without anyone knowing.

Initially, Trump’s Voter Integrity Commission was designed to find fraud and different ways that vote counts can be manipulated across different states.  The problem now is figuring out what can be done to stop attacks from people that can’t be identified.

Ronald Rivest is a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he stated something that needs to be heard. “There’s no perfect security; there are only degrees of insecurity.”

His point is timeless and rings true regardless of whether the election concerns a mayor, congressman, or even the President of the United States.  There is no way to make a flawless security system.

The only thing one can do is look for weaknesses and be aware of them during future elections. There is an easy solution to this problem that many people seem to overlook.

To solve this issue, the election process can revert to using paper ballots. Now that smart phones are virtually anywhere, a voting machine can be hacked with little to no effort, and that puts the entire system at risk.

Paper ballots would solve many other problems that President Trump, along with his Election Integrity Commission, face on the issue of election security. The commission sent out requests to all of the states on their voting information. The goal is to verify everyone on the voter rolls, whether they are deceased, in prison, or moved out of state, to make sure they are supposed to be on those rolls.

New information reveals that voting machines can be hacked and people can manipulate the digital results. Do you prefer paper ballots?

However, not all states are willing to help with this process. Fox News reports that California, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, and South Carolina have refused to cooperate with the President or his election commission.

The good news is there are victories mounting, slowly but surely. New Hampshire recently tried to file a law suit because the commission requested “publically available data.” It doesn’t make much sense to refuse to provide public data, but those close to the case believe a fair judge will dismiss that lawsuit.

Without fair elections, the faith of the people and their government will waiver. It is necessary that authorities do everything they can to ensure that the votes being cast are accurately counted and legal. Voter fraud is becoming increasingly common, and if the issues aren’t addressed now, it could devastate the electoral system.