White House Press Sec Makes Embarrassing Mistake 3 Times – Pulls a Joe Biden and WH Doctors Transcript

Well, we’re certainly giving “Noble Prize” a run for our money at the White House, aren’t we?

Just a little over two weeks after White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre embarrassed herself at a media briefing by repeatedly mispronouncing the name of an award won by her former boss, Barack Obama, the Notorious KJP went viral again for mangling a word a word every first-year political science student is familiar with, as well as most Americans with a basic understanding of their own government.

Not that you’d know it from the official White House transcript, however. Much like the transcript folks often do for Jean-Pierre’s current boss, President Joe Biden, they covered for Jean-Pierre’s error by pretending like nothing happened.

A bit of background: On Tuesday, the president signed the Respect for Marriage Act, essentially codifying same-sex marriage and providing some “window dressing” religious liberty protections as a sop to GOP representatives and senators.

Thus did a cadre of squishy Republicans allow the White House to claim a bipartisan victory in both chambers of Congress — something Jean-Pierre was naturally excited to talk to reporters about.

From the official transcript: “Look, what we’re saying to you today is that this — this piece of legislation was done in a bipartisan, bicameral way, and it will make a difference for millions of Americans across the country. And we’re going to celebrate this moment.” [Emphasis added.]

A little later: “Look, this is an important civil rights accomplishment that achieved — that was achieved in a bicameral and bipartisan way. And it got that support, right? And when the President signs it today, it will build on gener- — it will build on generations of civil rights advocacy that — that brought us to this historic moment. So that’s important to note.” [Again, emphasis added.]

Later on, she was asked about the thin protections for religious liberty in the bill — which she insisted were robust.

Again from the transcript: “I know there’s questions about religious liberty. And so we believe that — you know, we believe that the RFMA contains strong protections for houses of worship and religious nonprofits. And this question was well litigated throughout the legislative process where it passed with both chambers of bipartisan support. And I think that matters, right? Bicameral, bipartisan support was had for this piece of legislation.” [Yet again, emphasis added. We’re making a point here.]

Now, that’s the transcript. You can tell what the talking point was here: Not only was this bipartisan, it was bipartisan in a bicameral way. As in, Republicans in both houses voted for this poxed legislation.

Unfortunately, while Jean-Pierre was briefed on the talking point itself, ensuring she knew the pronunciation of the individual elements within it apparently didn’t happen.

“Bicameral” became “bi-carmel,” the pronunciation (if not the spelling) of the sweet confection generally seen inside chocolate bars, dripped as a complement to ice cream and other desserts, or, in a hardened form, as a candy all by itself.

So, as I am to understand it, everyone who voted for the bill got two caramels after it was signed. Perfect. If unhealthy.

Twitter users, you might not be surprised to learn, were not impressed with the fact she mispronounced the word not once, but all three times it was included in her remarks:

Just in case you’re wondering what was being referenced with that “noble prize” comment, this wasn’t the first time Jean-Pierre had issues with pronunciation. Consider this clip from November, when she struggled with the name of arguably the most famous prize in the world:

In this case, too, it’s worth noting the White House transcript made no mention of the verbal misstep.

At least the transcript couldn’t erase a later blunder in which she answered a reporter’s question by jumping to an entirely unrelated talking point:


However, in the other two instances, the members of the White House transcript team were more than happy to cover up for Jean-Pierre, just as they often do for Biden.

How very noble of them.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.