While Helping Harvey Victims, Melania Silences Critics Without Even Saying a Word

President Trump and First Lady Melania have been under constant fire from the left for a variety of reasons. Now, Melania has managed to silence her critics — for good.

One of the reasons the First Lady has been under fire is her love for high heel shoes. Many media “specialists” attacked Melania for wearing high heels on her way to Texas. Once she got off that plane, they were left speechless. Melania had changed and was sporting a set of “Hurricane¬†Harvey Relief” gear. Most notably, she was wearing a hat that said “Texas” on the front, and “FLOTUS” on the back, according to USA Today.

The fact that Melania wore high heels on her way on the plane led people to speculate that she had actually worn them while in Texas. As USA Today pointed out, this is simply not true.

People took a picture of Melania in the rain, and framed it as her walking during Hurricane Harvey in Texas. This one example goes to show just how manipulating the mainstream media can be at times.

President Trump and Melania spent plenty of time in Texas to help out wherever they could. First, President Trump gave a speech at a firehouse in Corpus Christi, Texas, which was devastated by the hurricane.

During his speech, the president said to the people there, “We love you, you are special, we’re here to take care of you.” Trump continued, “It’s going well. I will tell you; this is historic, it’s epic what happened. But you know what, it happened in Texas and Texas can handle anything,” according to Daily Caller.

The crowd went wild, but that was not the last time Texans saw President Trump and Melania. They both made a surprise visit to one of the shelters where hurricane evacuees were being held.

They also went to the NRG Stadium to hand food out to people, as well as play with some of the children who were there. They led to some real tear-inducing moments that made many people happy to have President Trump in office.

One of the videos posted on Twitter by This Week shows Melania standing by President Trump at a table full of new toys donated for the hurricane relief effort. President Trump proceeded to then play with the little boy. He got him to crack a smile, and then laugh, despite the dire circumstances.

The video is simply heartwarming.

It is hard to say what the left will criticize President Trump and Melania over next. One thing they will not be able to critique First Lady Melania for is her outfits. She sent a strong message when she and her husband arrived in Texas — one that the media will not soon forget.

Until the left and the media realize that what Melania wears has no impact on her ability to look after the country, they will probably try to publish more defaming stories. But they have to know the truth.

Both Trump and the First Lady handled this natural disaster better than anyone anticipated, even Trump supporters. The first couple has shown exactly what it means to be a true, red-blooded, American.