DANGER: What Officials Just Found in Arizona Is BONE-CHILLING

As Arizona struggles with the death spiral of Obamacare, a new threat could be looming on the horizon.

According to Breitbart, public health officials in Navajo and Coconino counties have discovered something bone-chilling. Fleas in both counties were discovered to be carriers of the Bubonic plague.

The Bubonic plague, according to the WHO website, is a very deadly disease with a 30-60% mortality rate if it goes untreated. The Bubonic plague was known as the “Black Death” in medieval times and caused 50 million deaths in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Health officials discovered the plague when they were examining fleas in the Red Lake area in Coconino county last week. Fleas bearing the plague were also found outside the town of Taylor in Navajo county on Friday.

This isn’t the first time the Bubonic plague has been found in Arizona, according to International Business Times. In 2015 health officials learned of the plague’s existence after a drop in the prairie dog population, a rodent known to carry the disease.

That same year a young teen in Colorado died from the plague, according to CBS News. Though the disease is easily treatable with antibiotics, its rarity and resemblance to the flu early on caused it to remain undiscovered, and resulted in the teen’s death when it wasn’t properly treated. With such a high mortality rate, contracting and failing to treat the plague typically results in death.

An outbreak of the plague in Arizona would be further complicated by the declining state of health care, according to Arizona Capital Times. Premiums on Obamacare plans have skyrocketed, with some plans seeing a 116 percent increase this year.

The primary reason for Obamacare’s failure is the unwillingness of healthy individuals to pay for something they don’t need and can barely afford. These individuals are the primary source of funding for the millions of sick and disabled Americans relying on Obamacare’s subsidies.

Director of Health Care Policy at the Goldwater Institute, Naomi Lopez Bauman, believes that Arizona has seen higher premium hikes because of the high, healthy Hispanic population. “Hispanics tend to be younger and healthier, so when you’re asking them to buy a product they didn’t have before and it’s going to be very expensive for them, there’s no value for them,” Bauman said.

This makes a plague outbreak in Arizona dangerous because of the many Americans going without health insurance coverage. Many uninsured individuals who come down with flu-like systems are unlikely to seek care and get it treated because of the high costs. If some of those flu-like symptoms turn out to be the early stage of the plague, the lack of proper treatment could lead to serious consequences.

Admittedly, contracting the plague is rare and with the discovery of fleas carrying the disease, health care providers and residents in the area will be much more vigilant for warning signs. But the fact remains that Obamacare’s failing is causing many to receive less than adequate health care, and that can have disastrous consequences.

Obamacare needs to be removed so that health insurance plans can return to affordable prices. Additionally, a new plan needs to be created to provide for those sick and disabled who desperately need coverage, but can’t qualify for or afford it.