WATCH: Here’s What Happens When A Dem Voter Meets Trump for the 1st Time

People are finally starting to realize what the rest of America has known out about President Trump for a long time — he’s actually a good person, and an even better president. When the mass media isn’t around to filter what you hear about the president, one finds that he’s nothing like what the media portrays him as.

As Trump visited Texas to tour the areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey, he met a number of Democrats. After meeting him in person, they seemed to have an entirely different opinion of him now, with some saying that he’s such a wonderful man, according to one person’s Twitter post.

Reporter Elex Michaelson just posted a tweet about his interviews with people who just met Donald Trump in person. Some were able to take a picture with the president.

“I had a different opinion of him, and now I think that he’s a wonderful man,” said one woman in the interview. “He really did say that, ‘yes, we’re going to get the help’ that we needed. It made me feel wonderful,” said the other.

It was a heartwarming sight to see the president handing out supplies and comforting people who have struggled through so much. You will also notice how little public coverage this has garnered in the mainstream media. Trump isn’t focused on looking good for the press, or doing a photo-op — he is genuinely trying to help.

This human side of Trump is something that the media would never want to show the public. But when a Democrat or any other anti-Trump sympathizer finds out the truth about him, their opinion is almost always changed. They realize things couldn’t be any more different than what the media feeds us on television.

People would be surprised to know that, decades before running for president, Trump showed his good character on numerous occasions.

In one story from his bookThe Art of the Deal, a man committed suicide, hoping that the life insurance policy would kick in and the money would help prevent his family’s home from being auctioned off. Sadly, life insurance policies do not cover suicides.

Trump was so impacted by the story that he subsequently called the bank that held the mortgage, threatening to sue them if they deprived the family of the deceased man their due benefits after the tragedy. The family’s daughter would eventually recount this story, thanking Trump for his efforts.

There are many other incidents of a similar note, but I doubt that the vast majority of Americans have ever heard of them, thanks to the sheer one-sidedness of news coverage these days.

This is in stark contrast to the way the media treated the previous president, who once promised to one woman he used for a photo-op that he would help her. When she later e-mailed him as to why there haven’t been any changes, Obama ignored her, having his staff send her a boilerplate form letter instead of following up on his promises.

If Americans who hated Trump only stopped for a moment to read stories like these, which the mainstream news refuses to cover, they will definitely change their minds about him.