ALERT: What FBI Did For Hillary On Election Day Changes Absolutely Everything

Despite the belief by Democrats and many in the media that Hillary Clinton would win the election, Democrats were busy doing everything they could to ensure a win.

These actions included releasing the dossier on Trump, accusing the Russians of hacking the election, turning an investigation into a “matter,” and more. Now it’s been revealed by CNN that the FBI spent election day browsing social media to shut down “fake news” on Clinton in what’s been described as an act “right on the edge of Constitutional legality.”

Fake news has been a hot topic since the presidential campaign last year. President Trump has been, and remains, highly critical of the news media for reporting what he considers fake news.

Lately, he’s been very critical of news outlets who are attacking his son, Donald Trump, Jr., for meeting with a Russian lawyer in the hope of getting dirt on Clinton, and their biased coverage of the Russia collusion investigation according to Fox News.

In a tweet last month he criticized the double standard of the media, “Hillary Clinton can illegally get the questions to the Debate & delete 33,000 emails but my son Don is being scorned by the Fake News Media?”

Hillary Clinton has also been critical, not of mainstream media, but of supposed fake news stories compiled by Russia and “guided” by Trump, according to Daily Mail.

She even goes so far as to ridiculously claim that it wasn’t her or her campaign, but fake news that cost her the election. “I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that is not why I lost,” going on to say that “low information voters” saw these stories and, “Some people were sucked in. Some people stayed home. Some people voted Trump.”

It seems Clinton wasn’t alone in her concern that fake news would cost her the election. It appears President Obama and the White House were similarly concerned. So they charged the FBI to monitor social media feeds on election day, with the hope of catching fake news, and report the findings back to the White House.

The men and women normally charged with protecting our country from national security threats found themselves huddled in front of monitors at a command center looking for fake news on Clinton. Every three hours, members of the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence would host a conference call with the White House over any problems found.

One source familiar with the event was worried about the potential freedom of speech violations to the First Amendment. “We were right on the edge of Constitutional legality. We were monitoring news.”

After election day was over, it was determined there were a few minor issues, but nothing that affected the vote. Yet a White House official felt the handling of the Russian fake news and hacking operation was a “failure of imagination.”

The use of the FBI by the Obama administration to vet the social media for fake news is tantamount to an abuse of power. Do you think Obama used the FBI to aid Clinton in her quest for the White House?

An official that was part of the social media monitoring was baffled, “Are you kidding? What they [US Government] did worked!”

Not only was it a gross misuse of our national security to monitor social media for fake news to the benefit of a Democrat candidate, but it revealed that fake news had no bearing on the election. In a twist of irony, it would seem that Clinton and the Democrats blaming fake news for losing the election is, itself, fake news.