SICK: Anthony Weiner’s Lawyer Makes Nasty Announcement

Anthony Weiner has sunk quite low during his political career, but it seems that he and his lawyers have no objection to sinking even lower in their zeal to get as lenient of a sentence as possible.

In an effort to defend Weiner, his lawyers have started blaming the victim, suggesting that it was her goal to affect the presidential election all along, according to the Wall Street Journal. How someone could possibly blame a teenager for these sexually deviant actions is disgusting.

Lawyers for former Democrat US Rep. Anthony Weiner have started arguing that the teenager in the sexting case targeted him, not the other way around, in an effort to affect the presidential election of 2016.

Although they did reference “Anthony’s operatic self-destruction,” and called the sexting case “the final act…born of deep sickness,” they still felt it was appropriate to cast the blame onto the teenage girl.

They went on to portray a story in which Weiner had caught the eye of a “curious high school student, looking to generate material for a book the government has disclosed she is now shopping to publishers.” They said the girl documented the interactions between herself and Weiner from the beginning, before selling it to a British tabloid for $30,000, according to NBC News.

Weiner’s lawyers continued, saying that the investigation was “quite improperly injected into the US presidential election, quite possibly affecting its outcome” and that “after the election was over, the high school student told government investigators that this had been one of her goals from the outset.”

After trying to cast the blame onto the girl in question, his lawyers proceeded to trivialize his crime, saying that this crime was “one far less egregious than any sexting case that has been prosecuted in this district.”

“He responded to the victim’s request for sexually explicit messages not because she was a teenager but in spite of it,” they argued.

Their hope is for the court to give a sentence of probation, mandating treatment and community service. Although the charge bears no mandatory minimum prison sentence, Weiner could find himself in prison for up to 10 years. The prosecutors have said that they’re asking for a sentence between 21 months and 27 months.

This claim that the teenager wanted to influence the election isn’t a new one. Another sexting partner of Anthony Weiner’s, Sydney Leathers, claimed that she had put the teenager in touch with Daily Mail, which ended up publishing her story. “She’s talking about potentially messing with Hillary’s campaign,” Leathers said to Weiner.

Regardless of the validity of these speculations, it doesn’t change the fact that Weiner pleaded guilty to a federal obscenity charge. He even cried as he said that he knew what he did was “as morally wrong as it was unlawful.” It seems like his lawyers don’t share that same sense of guilt (genuine or otherwise), as blaming the victim of this sexual crime rather than the predator is ethically questionable, to say the least.

Whether these arguments will sway the judge is yet to be seen. Considering the magnitude and frequency of these crimes, however, it seems unlikely.