Watch: Trans Thug Gets Vicious with Women’s Rights Activist, Then the Pepper Spray Comes Out

The axiom that freedom has a price was lived out recently in Washington state when an activist was physically assaulted and had her personal information publicized because she had the temerity to stand up for her belief that the “transgender” movement represents a threat to women’s rights.

Activist Jeanna Hoch was part of a demonstration in Tacoma on Oct. 26 in an event that was marred by violence from radical transgender counter-protesters, according to the website Reduxx.

During the event, Hoch was approached by a counter-protester, and had to think fast – first to avoid being viciously spit on, and later to avoid being pepper-sprayed. Journalist Andy Ngo posted videos of the confrontation.

“Fast reaction: Women’s rights activist @JeannaHoch used her sign to block being spit on by a far-left trans protester in Tacoma, Wash. last month. Hoch pepper sprays the assailant & the man who tried to pepper spray her. As revenge, #Antifa released Hoch’s family home address,” he posted.

“Women’s rights activist @JeannaHoch is being targeted in a stochastic terror campaign by #Antifa for protesting against the claim that males can identify as women. Antifa lied about her (see video above). Her child found these flyers with their home address all around Denver,” he posted.

After Ngo posted the video, Hoch replied to ensure clarity.

“To be very clear, the man to the left of the spitter pepper sprayed me and missed. I returned, and got him in the eyes,” she wrote on Twitter.

On Sunday, she published a post about the danger she faces.

“They want to scare me, intimidate me, keep me from speaking up for women and children. They want women to see how I’m treated so they’ll stop too. Even if my entire body trembles, I will not stop fighting for my daughters,” she wrote.

Hoch said she will press charges if the man who spit on her can be found.

Hoch’s website describes her primarily as a cannabis legalization activist, but also as a woman who is “publicly critical of gender identity (aka transgender) dogma and its impact on women, children, and same sex attracted people of all ages.”

“Advocacy for women’s sex based rights is dangerous due to hateful and violent rhetoric aimed at women by trans activists. Her life has been threatened numerous times due to her speech in resistance to female and sex erasure,” it states.

Hoch was among the activists who descended upon the NCAA women’s swimming championship in Atlanta in March to protest University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas being allowed to compete as a woman.

“He was bigger than his coach and every single teammate I saw. This was obvious even as he sat. Then he stood,” she wrote in a piece about her trip to the event.

“Thomas is about 6’4”, with gigantic hands and feet. He has a very large Adam’s apple, easily seen from over a meter away. There is no confusing this man for anything but what he is. His shoulder length hair with lovely bounce cannot disguise his biology. This is not to say 6’4” women with broad shoulders do not exist, but that Thomas’ sex is not a secret or even questionable. His male sex characteristics are identifiable quickly and effortlessly, not only because humans have evolved to recognize sex, but because his sex is not ambiguous at all,” she wrote.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.