Watch: Military Bomber Plunges Into Apartment Complex, Leaving Fiery Pillar of Destruction

A Russian military aircraft crashed into a residential apartment building in the southern city of Yeysk on Monday, in Russia’s Krasnodar territory.

Russian media outlet Interfax reported that the two pilots of an Su-34 fighter-bomber jet aircraft ejected before the crash, citing the Russian Defense Ministry.

A crash site photo from Russian state media outlet RT showed a parachutist descending to the earth as a residential apartment building exploded.

The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that an engine failure had led to the aircraft’s crash in a populated urban area shortly after its takeoff for a training flight.

“On Oct. 17, 2022, the Su-34 aircraft crashed while taking off from a military airfield of the Southern Military District for a practice flight. The aircraft fell in the town of Yeysk,” the Russian military claimed in a statement provided to Interfax.

“The ejected pilots reported that the ignition of one of the engines during the takeoff was behind the crash.”

Purported footage of the crash’s aftermath showed a fiery inferno that posed an immediate danger to civilians.

More photography and video showed an explosion that appears gravely threatening to life.

One video even appeared to show locals questioning the plane’s ejected pilot.

Initial Russian state media reports cited by Al Jazeera indicated that four people were killed in the crash, with 19 injured.

In a statement posted on Telegram, the Investigative Committee of Russia announced a criminal investigation has been opened into the crash, with military investigators seeking to understand the cause of the event.

The Su-34 has been used extensively in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Yeysk is across the Sea of Azov from Mariupol, a Ukrainian city that has hosted some of the most intense combat in the war.

Russian invasion forces captured the city from its besieged defenders in May.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.