Watch Look on Girl’s Face as Biden Grabs Her Shoulder and Says ‘No Serious Guys Till You’re 30’

Why would he think this is appropriate?

President Joe Biden raised eyebrows in a bizarre interaction with a girl who can’t be any older than 16.

Biden had a message for the young lady, apparently believing that she had to hear it from the President of the United States.

“Now, a very important thing I’ve told my daughter and granddaughters,” Biden told her, touching her shoulder.

Biden delivered the advice during a photo event at Irvine Valley Community College in Southern California. The moment was captured and posted to Twitter Friday.

“No serious guys until you’re 30.”

The girl’s expression seemed to suggest she was uncomfortable with the advice from someone regarded — at least, in theory — as the most powerful man on Earth.

Why Biden saw it appropriate to provide relationship advice to a girl who appears to be in middle school is totally unclear.

The relationship advice isn’t exactly sound, in any event.

Many people would argue that any romantic relationship should be treated dead seriously, with the consideration of marriage to be a priority.

Biden’s touchy tendency with young women has sent chills down the spines of observers before.

The 79-year-old has gotten close enough to teenage girls to seemingly sniff them, in bizarre interactions that would terrify most parents.

Another bizarre sniffing episode featured the daughter of Democrat Sen. Chris Coons. Then-Vice President Joe Biden got close enough to Coons’ young daughter to make her visibly uncomfortable, spurring further criticism of his touchy interpersonal tendencies.

The Democrat chalked up his odd overtures toward both men and women as reflective of a change in interpersonal norms during a videotaped apology he issued as a 2020 candidate.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.