Watch: Host of ‘The View’ Gets Shut Down on Live TV After Producer Makes Conspicuous Gesture

Contention stalked the set of “The View” last week as Whoopi Goldberg appeared to be short of patience with the show’s crew members.

On Thursday, Goldberg and her co-hosts were commenting upon a verdict against Alex Jones. in the course of the conversation, she said there appeared to be no line individuals do not cross.

Goldberg went from talking about the subject to venting about the show’s producer, according to The Sun, which posted a video of some of the action.

“But you know what? What really worries me is when you know, Rob, is over there,” she said as she pointed at him.

“And he’s holding up the sign, and he’s holding up the sign,” she said.

Rob then waved.

Goldberg then suggested the producer could run the show himself before capitulating to the necessity of a break.

“We’ll be right back,” she said.

It was the second eruption of the week, noted OK! Magazine.

On Tuesday, a crew member intruded upon Goldberg’s space and train of thought.

“I think polls are crazy because people make them say what they want them to say, when they want them to say it, and how they want them to say it,” she said.

She then turned to a crew member, and said, “I see you.”

Co-host Ana Navarro then took over, first continuing the discussion and then pointing to the camera.

“We will go get you that [registration] information when we come back because … the man with the blue card,” she said.

Navarro then waved papers she was holding to signify the upcoming commercial break.

A report in The Sun noted that some tension erupted on the set over a sign reading “Potatoes” that Joy Behar was selling after having bought it at a Martha Stewart tag sale.

Sunny Hostin and Behar talked about the sign until Goldberg had enough.

“Ten bucks for the sign just to stop this conversation,” she said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.