Watch: CCTV Captures Eerie Moment Security Guard Greets ‘Ghost Patient’

Security footage at the Finochietto Sanatorium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, appeared to show a security guard greeting an invisible patient early on the morning of Nov. 11, prompting some to speculate that he might have interacted with a ghost.

CCTV footage shared on YouTube showed the security guard manning the front desk getting up and appearing to greet a phantom patient after the front doors slid open that morning.

The security guard proceeded to unlatch a retractable belt barrier in a way that appeared as if he was about to allow someone in and began writing something on a clipboard, the video showed.

According to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, another camera showed the guard taking a wheelchair and using his hands to signal the direction one must walk in before pushing the wheelchair against a wall.

When the security guard checked to see where the “woman” he had greeted went, doctors told him that the name of the patient he had referred to was that of a woman who had died the day before, The Sun reported, describing her as a “ghost patient.”

However, according to the guard, the woman came to the hospital just after 3:30 a.m. that day, asking to see a doctor, the report said.

Guillermo Capuya, the hospital’s media relations director, said the security guard’s behavior could be part of a prank, the Daily Mail reported.

Capuya said the front doors were faulty, as a result of which they opened 28 times in 10 hours.

“I don’t know if to make a joke or what, but it went viral. What I don’t believe in is ghosts,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

According to Capuya, the hospital did not hire the security guard directly. He worked for a contractor that provided security services to the medical center.

“They said that the person registered someone who had died, and that is not there, there is nothing, there is no record log that shows this person,” the hospital spokesman said. “He says it, the name is not registered.”

The incident remains under investigation by the hospital’s management, The Sun reported.

A similar video on Reddit drew attention last year, according to 7News Australia.

According to the outlet, the videographer described himself in the video as a worker in a California hospital, adding that he had decided to film his workplace after hearing about unexplained phenomena there from a security guard.

Footage showed the man walking through the hospital’s main thoroughfare, flashing his camera down the corridors on his way.

At one point during his recording, what was thought to be a dark all-black figure appeared from a doorway at the end of one corridor, according to the outlet.

When the man moved his camera lens toward the place where the figure had supposedly emerged, it was gone, 7News Australia reported.

“It gave me the creeps too, when I first realised what I caught,” the man said, according to the outlet. “What caught my attention at first when I watched this was a blur by the second-ish door way … then I later saw the figure which gave me chills.”

“It’s pure black with a black aura,” he added.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.