Watch: Biden Speech Derailed When a Strange Noise Stops Him Dead in His Tracks

Something very strange happened as President Joe Biden was giving a speech at a United Nations climate conference on Friday.

Biden was near the end of his speech in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, when a loud howling noise was heard in the venue.

The noise briefly interrupted Biden’s remarks.

The president did a double-take and was silent for a few seconds in response to the bizarre noise.

Granted, it’s not every day that one hears a noise akin to a pack of loud, howling hyenas in the midst of a presidential speech.

There wasn’t an immediate explanation for the noise that seemed like something out of a wildlife documentary.

TAG24 indicated that a person — rather than a recording — was the source of the noise.

It seems as if more than one voice produced the strange noise that interrupted Biden, as if multiple people began whooping.

There was an act of protest during Biden’s speech, according to Reuters, but it’s not clear if it was connected to the loud, disruptive noises.

Biden was speaking at the COP27 climate summit.

The Democrat spoke to an international audience of politicians, many of whom traveled to Egypt on private jets for the event, according to the Democracy in Europe movement.

The president was speaking on Veterans Day. Biden briefly alluded to veterans at the start of his speech, calling U.S. climate envoy John Kerry “literally one of the most decorated men to fight.”

Biden touted his creation of a “climate gender equity fund” in addition to an “indigenous peoples finance access facility.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.