Watch: Arizona Voters Allegedly Turned Away from Polling Place as Tabulation Machine Debacle Continues

Midterm election day is here and in Maricopa County, Arizona, there have been issues with some of the machines.

The Wall Street Journal reported that there are 223 voting stations in Maricopa County (the county that holds Phoenix), but that about a fifth of the locations are having problems with the voting tabulation machines.

Maricopa County officials told KSAZ-TV that technicians have been sent out to try to fix the machines.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates (not the billionaire), who is the chairman of the county board of supervisors, announced that everyone is still able to vote, the Journal reported.

“Everyone is still getting to vote; no one is being disenfranchised. This is a technical issue and we have a redundancy for it,” Gates said.

Gates and Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer also fully explained the situation in a video posted to Twitter.

Gates also tweeted that there are different options for voters who go to a location that has faulty machines.

“If you’re at a polling place experiencing an issue with a tabulator, you have three options & your vote will be counted in each. 1) stay where you are and wait for tabulator to come online 2) drop your ballot in the secure slot (door 3) on tabulator 3) go to a nearby vote center,” Gates tweeted.

However, some videos have surfaced on Twitter in which people are claiming that they were sent away from locations with malfunctioning machines.

“Ok Central Christian voting station in Mesa on Lindsey and Brown the machines are broken, we got turned away! Unacceptable!!” one user tweeted.

“Scottsdale Arizona: 11735 N SCOTTSDALE RD… Machines are down all over the place.. Many COULDN’T even get their votes counted.. This is happening all just Maricopa county not just at this location.. Why is this happening @stephen_richer @katiehobbs??” another user tweeted.

Voting ends in Maricopa county at 7 p.m., the Maricopa County Elections Department reported.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.