BREAKING: Voters Send Shock Message To Trump, Stunning Media

The mainstream media has made it its mission to constantly push the Trump-Russia narrative onto the general populace. However, it seems that normal people are no longer buying it.

A recently released poll found that 72 percent of Trump voters believe stories about Russia are “fake news,” 25 percent believe potential collusion should be investigated, and only 13 percent think Trump worked with the Russians during the campaign. Most shocking to the media, 77 percent of Trump voters think he should remain president even if there was “collusion.” (via The Hill)

A poll from the left-wing Public Policy Polling found some remarkable statistics about Trump supporters that show the ineffectiveness of the media in convincing Americans. Only 45 percent of Trump supporters genuinely believe that Trump, Jr. went to the meeting with a Russian lawyer; 32 percent said they didn’t think any meeting took place, and 24 percent said they were unsure.

Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling commented,“The Russia story doesn’t seem to be having that much of an impact on Donald Trump’s political standing yet. A big part of the reason for that is many of his supporters just refuse to believe or pay attention to it.” (via The Hill)

It’s true that Trump supporters don’t pay attention to these stories for a reason. Even as far back as the Republican Primary, Donald Trump has been attacked and mischaracterized by the media, and with new leaks coming out revealing the hidden agenda of the media, it is no surprise they have lost all trustworthiness with the public.

Just three weeks ago, an undercover journalist from Project Veritas managed to record a CNN producer on tape admitting that the Trump-Russia narrative was just a big fake story being pushed mainly for ratings. “It’s mostly bull***t right now. Like, we don’t have any giant proof,” said John Bonifield, who later admitted the reason this story continued to be pushed was “because of the ratings, our ratings are incredible right now.” (via Project Veritas)

The mainstream media constantly pushes a Trump-Russia “collusion” narrative. Do you trust the mainstream media?

When stories are leaking out concerning the lack of journalistic standards of the mainstream media, it’s no surprise that Americans are not taking them seriously. According to the latest data from a Harvard-Harris poll, almost two-thirds of all Americans across the ideological spectrum believe that the mainstream press is fake news. When broken down further, 80 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of independents, and 53 percent of Democrats feel the mainstream news can’t be trusted anymore. (via The Hill)

Thankfully, we no longer live in an age where we need information middlemen to hand us our stories. Citizens can walk right past the traditional news outlets and get the stories they’re looking for from the source, or from independent publications they respect.

But most importantly, it’s a sign to President Trump that his supporters aren’t going to be swayed by whatever new hot topic is being peddled on the major news networks. As we have faith in our president to do the best job that he can, he can have faith in us to support him in his presidency.