ALERT: Massive Voter Fraud Discovered in Major US City

While the media continues to push fake news and relies on anonymous sources, other measures must be taken to discover the truth. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests continue to be one of the best tools for truth-seekers.

The chairman of the Chicago Republican Party, Chris Cleveland, filed a FOIA request “on a whim,” according to Chicago City Wire, and found that Chicago had more votes cast than the number of eligible voters in the last election.

There were 16,000 more votes cast in Chicago than there are voters in Chicago. While some precincts had fewer votes cast than voters (as would be expected), 15 other precincts more than made up for the loss, with far more votes than actual voters.

While this story has not been picked up in the mainstream media, the state’s voting policies have made the headlines recently. Governor Bruce Rauner has just signed a bill into law which will automatically register many Illinois citizens to vote, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Putting these two stories together does not make for a pretty picture. There was clearly a huge error, or massive fraud, in Chicago, which was only found by comparing the number of votes to the number of voters. But now, the number of voters statewide will be inflated beyond the number of those who are likely to vote, serving to mask this same type of error or fraud in the future.

This law, the Trust Act, also seeks to protect illegal immigrants. It forbids police from obeying federal immigration detainers, or from making arrests based only on someone’s suspected immigration status. It has been suggested by many in the community that Governor Rauner will lose conservative support for signing this bill.

It does not make sense for Illinois lawmakers to be focused on adding more people to the voting rolls right now. In fact, Judicial Watch has found that Illinois as a whole had more registered voters than citizens of voting age. Ten other states have the same issue.

The director of Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project, Robert Popper, explained that typically 70 to 80 percent of eligible voters are expected to register. Anything in the 90 range is unexpected, never-mind above one hundred. Yet Illinois is prioritizing getting more voters on the rolls? There shouldn’t be anyone left to add.

Chicago, long known for people who vote early and vote often, was found to have more votes cast than the number of eligible voters in the last election. Does this surprise you?

There is clearly a problem here, and the Trust Act will only hide the problem– not fix it. Whether such an effect is intentional or accidental doesn’t matter. The problem is statewide, and the Governor should be ashamed for pushing this bill forward without solving the voter fraud problem first.

Robert Popper warns that the law requires states to keep accurate voting rolls. Yet, state response to Judicial Watch’s shocking findings has not been promising. The best have said is “they will look into it,” while the worst are “showing reluctance to do anything.”

Leftist do not admit it, but voter fraud–whether on the individual level or organized by large groups–is clearly occurring in Chicago, all of Illinois, and the rest of the country. The mainstream media may not want to acknowledge these mysterious findings, but their permission is not needed to hold elected officials accountable for them.