BREAKING: Voter Fraud Confirmed In Shock State Hillary Narrowly Won

The topic of voter fraud in the 2016 election has popped up in numerous outlets. Democrats tried to paint a picture that Trump worked with Russia to steal the election, though they were never able to prove that story.

On the other hand, new information out of New Hampshire has many Republicans concerned over the integrity of the Democrats. According to Washington Times, Speaker of the New Hampshire House, Shawn Jasper, issued findings based on information he acquired from the Department of State and the Department of Safety. It boils down to this fact: there were around 6,500 voters in New Hampshire that used out-of-state licenses and Hillary Clinton, coincidentally, won the state by 2,700 votes. 

Jasper’s findings show that many of the out-of-state licenses came from Massachusetts. Since the election, a substantial majority of the voters never obtained an in-state license nor had they registered a motor vehicle in the state.

The total number of voters with out-of-state licenses was 6,540. By August 30th of this year, around 15 percent of those people were ever issued a New Hampshire driver’s license.

That means there are 5,526 people left who never received a license from the state. Shockingly, only 3.3 percent of those folks registered a vehicle in  New Hampshire.

These figures are leading many to speculate that there was some serious voter fraud taking place in the state. Due to inconsistencies like this throughout the country, President Trump issued a special commission that is tasked with making sure that the margin of error for voter fraud is slim to none.

Vice President Mike Pence leads this voter integrity commission and has requested state voter records from around the country. Surprisingly — or perhaps, not so surprisingly — the only states that seem to have an issue with this inquiry are ones that are primarily Democrat.

As it would turn out, Clinton won New Hampshire by 2,736. This means that if even half of the questionable out-of-state voters in New Hampshire committed fraud, that would have been enough to sway the state in Clinton’s favor.

Despite this alarming revelation, only an estimated 196 people are being investigated for voting illegally in New Hampshire and other states. This is likely due to the Democrats refusing to comply with Trump’s inquiry into voting records.

More voting irregularities found, this time in New Hampshire, a state Hillary narrowly won. Is Trump’s election integrity project a good idea?

Another state with highly questionable voter count is California. According to Fox News, California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla has spoken fiercely against turning over voter records. Padilla stated that he would “not provide sensitive voter information to a commission that has already inaccurately passed judgment that millions of Californians voted illegally.”

Logically speaking, wouldn’t it make sense to hand the information over to prove everyone wrong? Apparently requesting such information is seen as criminal, but acts that violate federal law–such as voting in multiple states, or harboring illegal immigrants–is viewed as acceptable.

Trump’s election integrity commission has their work cut out for them. Consistent with the Democrats’ mantra, they are going to “resist” in New Hampshire, California, and elsewhere. Eventually, the information they are suppressing will come to light. When that day comes, justice in the 2016 election will be fairly served.