‘The View’ Co-Host Tells Fans to ‘Send an Ambulance’, Sparks Concern After Partying Four Days in a Row

Some devoted fans of a co-host of “The View” are concerned after a series of social media posts.

The fans have been worried by Ana Navarro’s posts in which she documented her experiences at a multi-day Indian wedding.

Navarro urged her fans to “send an ambulance” in one Instagram story — a choice of words that got the attention of her followers, according to The Sun.

The Democratic pundit was smiling and wearing a gold-colored dress in the story question, making it almost certain that the reference to an ambulance was an exaggeration.


In another post, Navarro suggested the stream of social events associated with the event was exhausting.

“@chacha_cardenas and I gonna be in bed all day, until I have to get up for Day 4 of #sharikaandjonathan Indian Wedding.”

“I swear, next week I’m not participating in any social activities that require lashes and/or spanx. I mean it, this time.”


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At least one fan urged her to “rest up.”

“But we all know how loved you are and how much everyone wants to be around you so just get some rest and then party on girl,” the commenter wrote.

Navarro appeared in more jubilant spirits in other posts, often wearing decorative South Asian clothing.


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Navarro shared imagery from a wedding that appeared opulent in scale — perhaps living up to her account of over-the-top ceremony and celebration.

“That’s a wrap. If you haven’t been to an Indian Wedding, you’ve been deprived,” Navarro said of the festivities, indicating they ended on Sunday.

“Make some wedding-age Indian friends pronto, and start practicing the moves. I can’t remember the last time I had so many consecutive glorious days of so much fun and color.”


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Many Indian weddings are noted for their splendor, according to Brides, a website that centers on wedding celebrations.


The ceremonies — which vary in accordance with local customs — often include several days of events and celebrations, featuring long guest lists and extravagant outfits.

Navarro, a nominal Republican, is known for hectoring conservative guests (and even former co-host Meghan McCain) on “The View.”

In 2008, according to her ABC News biography, she was national Hispanic co-chair for GOP nominee John McCain’s presidential campaign. She began making regular appearances on the talk show in 2018 and officially joined the cast in 2022.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.