Video: Ted Cruz Struck with Flying Object, Suspect Arrested

A self-described “idiot” was arrested Monday after throwing a can of White Claw hard seltzer at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz during the World Series celebratory parade in downtown Huston.

Throwing an unopened can of White Claw is no crime, of course; in fact, it’s probably the best thing to do with it. But Joseph Halm Arcidiacono, 33, should probably choose a different target next time.

Arcidiacono, who according to his booking photo looks exactly like a guy whose weapon of choice would be a can of White Claw, was detained by a witness and delivered to nearby law enforcement officers.

Local outlet KPRC reported that Arcidiacono had thrown two cans at the senator, but cellphone video taken at the scene appeared to show only one can thrown.

Arcidiacono “used and exhibited a deadly weapon, namely an unopened metal beverage can,” to target the senator, according to court documents quoted by KPRC.

Cruz was hit by the full 12-ounce can, but thankfully required no medical attention after the attack.

A witness told police that he had watched Arcidiacono approach a barrier wall and then throw the two cans at the senator.

The same witness apprehended the suspect and turned him over to Houston Police.

Arcidiacono was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, reportedly telling officers as they took him into custody: “I know, I’m an idiot. I’m sorry.”

No mention was made regarding whether Arcidiacono was intoxicated at the time of the alleged assault, but he does not appear to have been charged with any alcohol-related offenses. He was released on a $40,000 bond and was expected to make a court appearance on Wednesday.

Houston Police tweeted about the arrest Monday.

Cruz tweeted his appreciating for the fast-moving Houston Police Department officers after the incident Monday evening. He also managed to get a jibe in at his attacker.

Aggravated assault in Texas is charged when the victim of the assault is seriously injured or the alleged attacker “uses or exhibits a deadly weapon during the commission of the assault,” according the Texas Penal Code.

A second-degree charge is punishable by 2 to 20 years and up to $10,000 in fines. However, as Cruz would appear to be a “public servant” under the definition of the statute, Arcidiacono could be charged in the first degree, which is punishable by the same fine, but up to 99 years in prison.

In the future, Arcidiacono will hopefully find some other way to dispose of his White Claw — seeing as he doesn’t appear to be able to handle it whether or not he’s opened the cans yet.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.