Video: Incredible Moment Firefighter Cheats Death, Survives Because He Was Saving Others

They call them New York City’s bravest. On Sunday, firefighter Ryan Warnock showed why.

The drama began Sunday afternoon in midtown Manhattan with an accident in which a BMW SUV crashed and came to land on top of a white Volvo, according to the New York Post.

In a dramatic video of the incident that was shared Monday, Warnock can be seen leaning into the BMW as other FDNY rescuers try to brace it, so the occupants can be rescued.

Then, the SUV moves — with Warnock trapped underneath it.

WARNING: The following video contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.



“As members from Rescue 1 tried to brace and stabilize the car on top and remove the occupants inside, the driver of one of the vehicles hit the gas and caused a car to fall and pin firefighter Ryan Warnock below,” Acting Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said in a statement, according to Fox News.

Witness Ben Arias described what came next.


“Basically, all we could do is everyone that was standing around, we went, we pushed the BMW up the best that we could, and thank God the firefighter came out in one piece,” he said. “And even with a broken leg, he was able to pull the driver out of the car.”

“You could tell that when they pulled him out, he was definitely in pain, just grabbing his leg, he was in pain, but everyone clapped him, cheered him on when he was on the way to the ambulance because he’s a true hero. That’s a real New York hero right there,” he said, according to CBS.

Officials said Warnock suffered a broken leg.

CBS noted that last week, Warnock dove into the Hudson River to perform a rescue.

“You just have a job to do and you do it, and we trained for this and that’s why we’re here,” he said then.

Kavanaugh said the SUV incident sums up the FDNY.

“Every day, members of our great Department put their lives on the line to protect the residents of our great city. We are grateful for the quick response of our members, whose fast reactions helped remove firefighter Warnock quickly and ensured he got the medical attention he needed,” Kavanagh said, Fox reported.

The occupants of the Volvo, Matthew Wahn and his wife, Randi, were not hurt.

“We felt a huge car hit us from behind — he drove up the side of our car,” Wahn said, according to the Post.

“You live in New York long enough, you’ve done just about everything,” he said, Fox reported.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.