Video: Cameras Cut Away as Reporter Suffers Apparent Medical Emergency During Live Shot: ‘I’m Not Feeling Very Well’

A young Canadian reporter took ill live on the air Sunday evening, causing the studio to cut away from her broadcast mid-sentence.

Something seemed not quite right with Jessica Robb within a few seconds of the start of her broadcast.

Anchorwoman Nahreman Issa cut to Robb, who was barely able to get her first sentence out and then began stumbling badly during her second.

“Now, Nahreman, I — looking at, after, the day, families are pushing feds — pushing the feds to,” she said, before admitting, “Sorry, Nahreman, I’m not feeling very well right now.”

“And I’m about to — ” she started, before Issa cut in, saying the CTV News Edmonton broadcast would “make sure” that Robb was “doing OK.”

At that point, the screen split between Robb and Issa, and Robb was looking decidedly unwell. She looked, in fact, as if she might fall.

Issa did note that Robb was not alone on location, but had a cameraman present with her.

CTV Edmonton later tweeted that Robb was “feeling better and is now resting.”

Given that no one even knew what had happened to Robb, speculation about what had caused what had happened to Robb would be less than pointless. That, unsurprisingly, didn’t stop some people from engaging in it anyway.

India’s Free Press Journal, for example, noted that “fellow journalists and netizens found it fishy to see her official Twitter account made private.”

One Twitter user posted what appeared to be a screen shot of a tweet sent from Robb’s account saying that she was “okay.”

The Western Journal has been unable to independently verify the authenticity of that screen shot.

Other accounts posted that Robb had tweeted last year that she’d received a coronavirus vaccine and two booster shots. She apparently tested positive for COVID at the end of April anyway, according to other unverified screenshots posted online.

According to her CTV News bio page, Robb graduated from MacEwan University in 2019 after studying communications and journalism. That would appear to put her in her mid-20s.

“Outside of work, Jessica is an avid runner, long-time soccer player, and rookie guitar player,” the bio states. “She will stop to pet every dog and never says no to an oat milk latte.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.