WATCH: Video From 1987 Emerges, Proves Bernie Sanders Is a Total Fraud

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a millennial’s dream come true.  He wants to give free healthcare to everyone, thinks America should have a $15 minimum wage, and pretty much follows the Socialist guidebook to a tee.

A recently uncovered video has given the world a look into Sanders that most liberal millennials are going to be very unhappy about. In the video, Sanders explicitly says that he does not think that a single-payer health care system is a good idea. In fact, he stated that giving out Medicaid for every American “would bankrupt the nation.” 

Sanders made this clear during his time as mayor of Burlington, Vermont. The clip was originally posted by a group called NTK Network. He made himself perfectly clear during an episode of his old local TV show, “Bernie Speaks with the Community.”

He was speaking to a doctor named Milton Terris on his show when the topic of healthcare came up. It eventually led to the discussion of what would happen if a single-payer system came to the United States.

When talking to the doctor, he said, “You want to guarantee that all people have access to health care as you do in Canada.” Modern-day Sanders would probably start by saying that this is a great idea, but back then, that was not the case.

“But I think what we understand is that unless we change the funding system and the control mechanism in this country to do that—for example if we expanded Medicaid [to] everybody…Give everybody a Medicaid card—we would be spending such an astronomical sum of money that, you know, we would bankrupt the nation,” Sanders said.

This is such a far cry from his opinion now that one has to watch the video for their self to hear him say the words.

Ironically, Sanders is now working on a proposal called “Medicare-for-all.” This is quite the contradiction compared to his previous statement.

His argument this time around is that we could give Medicare to everyone and just give the government the power to work with the prices. The fact of the matter is his estimates are extremely optimistic.

Sanders’ plan is said to cost around $32 trillion over the course of 10 years. This is double the revenue the measures would generate, so where is the extra money going to come from? It is a fair question, but many liberals would suggest that such an inquiry equates to a desire for people to die. It’s their way of ending the conversation.

The truth is, these basic questions must be asked. Otherwise, Americans will end up in the same position as ObamaCare put the country in.

Even Hillary Clinton went against Sanders’ plan that would introduce somehow “free” Medicare-for-all. She argues that no one knows how the government would pay for such a “generous” bill. If both Hillary and conservatives see a problem with it, surely something isn’t right.

Millenials will have to swallow that hard pill and pay for it too. Medicare for all simply won’t work, and Bernie Sanders has been proven to be a fraud.