Vegas Witness Makes Brilliant Statement: ‘In a World Where Everyone’s Kneeling…’

The heroism of everyday Americans truly shines through in moments of great evil.

“In a world where everyone’s kneeling, I saw hundreds of people standing up and running towards the danger,” Russell Bleck, an eye-witness to the Las Vegas attack told Fox News. He described the scene as “pure chaos and carnage,”  adding that, without the heroism of police officers, first responders, and everyday Americans, the shooting would have been much deadlier.

Police have identified 64-year-old Stephen Paddock as the sole-shooter behind Sunday night’s attack in Las Vegas. According to Bleck, police only learned of the shooter’s whereabouts within the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino because the smoke generated by the rapid firing set off the hotel’s smoke alarms.

Russell Bleck described a horrific scene, with thousands of Americans trapped behind 10-foot walls designed to protect them.

According to Bleck, most concert-goers did not immediately understand that they were under attack. He explained that the first few rounds fired sounded distant over the music– so no one paid much attention. When the rate of fire increased, the people around Bleck thought a nearby helicopter had taken off.

Panic soon set in as bodies started to fall. People began to move but were unsure of where to go. Amid the chaos, echoes and bouncing bullets caused confusion. Most people thought there was more than one shooter.

People took shelter in portable toilets. They tried to locate exits but found dead ends. The 10 or 15 minutes the shooter was active felt like an eternity.

The venue’s only exit pointed towards the Mandalay Bay where the shooter was located, forcing victims to seek whatever cover they could at the outdoor concert venue.

“I didn’t know what to do in this scenario,” Bleck admitted while praising the courage of the everyday Americans who were able to step up.

“There are these individuals, who are obviously trained really well, running towards automatic gunfire with nothing but a pistol on their sidearm. I mean, who does that?” Police officers were quick to locate the shooter. In response to their presence, the shooter committed suicide.

Bleck also said that police officers were protecting people with their bodies. Former military and informed citizens also stepped in.

“Thank God it was a country concert,” Bleck continued. “There were so many ex-military that just kinda jumped in. I saw people with veteran hats and 60-year-old men ducking down telling everyone ‘stay low! Stay low!’ Just coaching people on what to do in this situation. I saw people plugging bullet holes with fingers.”

Brave individuals were flipping over benches and bleachers to create make-shift barricades providing shelter from the hail of bullets.

While left-leaning Libs are kneeling, first responders charged into danger. Are you proud of these first responders?

Spare planks were used as gurneys and stretchers by heroes who risked their lives by abandoning their cover in order to pull the wounded out of the line of fire.

“If you fire a round into that crowd, you’re going to hit somebody,” he said. “There was no escape…It was horrible.”

Yes, in the face of evil, true heroes step up. The tragedy of Las Vegas proves that the spirit of America is alive and well.