Ukraine’s Druzenko orders Russian troops to be ‘castrated’

A video is circulating the internet of a top Ukrainian health official saying that he has given the order “to castrate” Russian troops. 

It appears that the Russia-Ukraine war is provoking bad behavior on all sides. Here’s the video:


The video made the social media rounds over the weekend. It’s from Ukraine’s Channel 24, a 24-hour, 7-days a week news channel. On it, Gennadiy Druzenko, the head of Ukrainian military medical service, was interviewed.

Druzenko, according to a translation of the video, began, “[Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s machinery burns well. Cadavers of putinoids stink to high heavens, but become harmless at the end, so to say.”

Druzenko continued by revealing his “castration” order.

“I gave orders to my medical staff – you know, I am a great humanist and used to say, ‘a wounded enemy isn’t an enemy anymore, but a patient’ – but this time around I gave strict orders to castrate all the wounded because they are cockroaches, not humans,” Druzenko said.

He added, “our doctors always tried to save patients, but Russians will die here. They will die in great numbers.”


Druzenko has been described by the New York Post as a 49-year-old “lawyer-turned-medic.” CNN, on the other hand, described him as a “well-known intellectual” and as “a Ukrainian constitutional scholar turned wartime aid volunteer.”

One journalist reported that “Druzenko is closely tied to the US government. He’s had stints at USAID/Chemonics and the Wilson Center.”

Druzenko is also the founder of PFVMH, the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobil Hospital. It’s is a nongovernmental group that rescues people from the red zones of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It’s a noble effort, unlike Druzenko’s “castration” order.

It ought to be noted that it is not known for sure whether Druzenko actually has those beneath him castrating Russian troops or whether he just said this to scare the Russians.

Let’s hope it’s the latter.