BOOM: Texas Hurricane Victims Give CNN Reporter a Brutal Dose of Reality

Trust in the mainstream media continues to take a nose dive as news organizations are increasingly becoming divided along partisan lines.

CNN correspondent, Nick Valencia, was shocked to learn that people outside of his elitist bubble despise CNN. According to BreitbartValencia traveled to Texas to cover President Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey, only to be heckled by a crowd of disgruntled Texans. “I just walked on the tarmac to cover @realDonaldTrump‘ visit to Corpus and was heckled by a crowd shouting derogatory things. Unbelievable.” he wrote on Twitter.

Nick Valencia was shocked that a Texas crowd would insult a CNN correspondent. However, it is this very shock that proves the disconnect between the mainstream media and average Americans.

If Valencia was not so soundly cushioned by his elitist bubble, he would realize that trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low. A Gallup poll released before the 2016 presidential election revealed that trust in the media is at the lowest rate ever recorded. Only 32 percent of the Americans surveyed expressed any confidence that the mainstream media can “report the news fully, accurately and fairly.”

A recent Harvard-Harris poll from May 2017 supported the findings from the Gallup poll and revealed deep levels of distrust toward the mainstream media. The Harvard-Harris poll found that 65 percent of American voters believe the mainstream media is permeated with fake news, according to The Hill.

The same poll found that 45 percent of voters surveyed approved of President Trump’s actions as president, indicating that more American voters trust President Trump than the mainstream media. 48 percent expressed concerns that the press is treating President Trump unfairly.

Given the low levels of trust in the media, CNN‘s Nick Valencia should expect to be heckled when he leaves the liberal bubble dominating major metropolitan areas. His ignorance of the average American’s faith in the mainstream media, however, only exposes that Valencia rarely leaves his liberal comfort zone.

Both the Gallup and Harvard-Harris polls reveal a deep divide in media trust between self-described Republicans and liberals. The Gallup poll found that 51 percent of Democrats trust the media, compared to only 14 percent of Republicans. Similarly, the Harvard-Harris poll found that 20 percent of Republicans trust the mainstream media, compared to 47 percent of Democrats.

However, this very division appears to be at the heart of the lack of trust.

“Much of the media is now just another part of the partisan divide in the country with Republicans not trusting the ‘mainstream’ media and Democrats seeing them as reflecting their beliefs,” explained co-director of Harvard-Harris, Mark Penn. “Every major institution from the presidency to the courts is now seen as operating in a partisan fashion in one direction or the other.”

Essentially, more Democrats trust the mainstream media because it conforms to their pre-existing beliefs, while the majority of Republicans mistrust the media for aligning with liberal dogma. It appears that the press can only blame themselves for the recent lack of trust.

As the mainstream media continues to side with one section of the partisan divide, they will continue to alienate everyone.