JUST IN: Texas Sheriff Issues Brutal Warning to Statue Vandals

Protesters who travel around from state to state should be thankful that one Texas Sheriff posted this warning.

Those who aren’t from the Lone Star state may not have realized this one critical point. As Inquisitr reported, Sheriff Phil Ryan reminded Texas citizens of their law. “Bottom line, if someone is destroying a monument or statue that isn’t theirs, you can defend it by force during the day with deadly force at night.”

Sheriff Ryan cited the relevant Texas legal code to prove it is justified to use deadly force when protecting property at night– including public or private statues.

Under Texas law, destroying or defacing a public monument is considered criminal mischief. Even the simple painting of a monument is enough to qualify for the crime, never mind pulling the statue down, as leftists have been doing.

Some on Facebook did not take well to the Sheriff’s statement, commenting that he should be fired, or that he is encouraging average citizens who open carry to shoot someone defacing a statue, as Occupy Deplorables reported.

It’s actually in everyone’s best interests–from protesters to police, to average citizens–that potential vandals are made aware their behavior carries the possibility of serious consequences under the law. No one, not even a police officer, wants to have to shoot someone.

The officer is also a police academy instructor and pointed out in his post that no one has been defacing statues in Texas. Perhaps they have not targeted Texas because they realize the law carries a serious and immediate penalty for doing so in the state. Texas’ straightforward attitude to defending their monuments has acted as the best deterrent they could have.

Compare that to those who defaced and destroyed the statue of Robert E. Lee in Durham, North Carolina. They face prison time and substantial fines, as previously reported by Christian News Alerts. The eight people who have been charged so far were surprised to be facing any kind of penalty, as evidenced by widely available videos.

Certainly, others are treating law enforcement as a joke in Durham. There, according to The Washington Post, roughly 100 people lined up at a police department to “confess” to pulling down the Robert E. Lee statue. The eight people who were actually responsible for the crime have been arrested.

Those who are willing to waste law enforcement time, resources and effort are displaying a serious contempt for the law of the land. But, when the law treats their behavior with serious consequences, as it does in Texas, people are much less inclined to tangle with law enforcement just to virtue signal.

The laws in Texas prevent the vandalism of property, both public and private, and allows gun permitted citizens to use lethal force to prevent it. Is this why Antifa protesters haven’t vandalized any monuments in Texas?

States and private institutions are taking down their own statues in the face of this criminal behavior. Duke University has removed their statue of Robert E Lee, according to USA Today. New Orleans has done the same to their statue of the Confederate General, as reported by The Los Angeles Times.

If these cities want to keep their historical monuments and prevent violence, they should be increasing the penalties associated with them pulling down or otherwise defacing them. It’s worked for Texas. These protesters will not stop once Robert E. Lee statues are gone–they will move on to other “offensive” monuments until not one remains.