Twitter Users Notice Mysterious Shape in Meghan Markle's Dress, Sparking Debate About Motives at Queen's Memorial

For once, it was nothing Meghan Markle said that sent Twitter into a frenzy of Meghan-bashing.

It was what she wore — or didn’t wear, as the case may be.

On Saturday, Prince Harry and Markle showed up at Windsor Castle for one of the ceremonial events marking the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

For many, the two walking with Prince William and his wife, Kate, (now the Prince and Princess of Wales) was a major event, the four not having been seen in public together since March 2020, according to the Daily Mail.

But for those zooming in on Markle, the plot quickly thickened. Images from the event show what appears to be a square-shaped object near her left hip covered by the fabric of her dress.

Twitter soon buzzed that Markle was recording the event.

The speculation was ridiculed — to the extent it was commented upon at all — by what Page Six called “a source close to Markle.”

“This is insane and actually damaging to her. Of course she was not wearing a mic,” the source said, according to Page Six.

Two body-language experts told Page Six Markle reeked of anxiety during the event.

“Meghan looked like a woman waiting for her cues rather than pushing herself forward,” expert Judi James said, adding that Markle’s “frequent hair flicking” during the event  “suggested some inner anxiety.”

Body language expert, Lillian Glass said Markle “looked like a sad and desperate puppy as she tried to catch Kate’s eye gaze repeatedly. But Kate was having none of it.”

Although the ceremonial events have largely amounted to a truce in the recurring squabbling among the royals, a book from Prince Harry is rumored to be expected soon, which moved Piers Morgan to contrast Markle and Prince Harry to the late queen in an op-ed in the New York Post.

“Queen Elizabeth II espoused values of honesty, integrity, decency, stoicism, resilience, duty, service, humility and selfless devotion to her country,” he wrote.

“How does any of that compare to the selfish, whiny, money-grabbing and damaging way Harry and Meghan have conducted themselves since then?” he wrote.

“Their hypocritical exploitation of their royal status for vast personal financial gain, while simultaneously trashing the institution that bestowed their titles upon them, caused enormous hurt to the Queen in her last few years, especially during the period when her husband, Philip, was seriously ill and then died, and to the new king,” he wrote.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.