Twitter Drops the Hammer on Kathy Griffin After She Crosses Elon Musk’s New Line

A left-wing comedian who decided to challenge a new Twitter moderation rule enacted by Elon Musk quickly paid the price.

Kathy Griffin was suspended from the social media platform on Sunday after impersonating Musk himself.

Griffin decided to impersonate Musk as a direct challenge to Twitter’s new owner. Musk had declared that impersonating a public figure would merit a permanent suspension in a previous Sunday tweet.


Impersonation has been against Twitter’s rules since the platform’s inception, but policies against the practice were previously seldom enforced.

Griffin responded by changing the display name of her Twitter account to “Elon Musk,” according to NBC News.

The progressive celebrity proceeded to speak on Musk’s behalf, making a statement in support of abortion.

“I’ve decided that voting blue for their choice is only right,” Griffin declared, acting as Musk, according to NBC.

Griffin soon was shown that the policy was in fact real, with her account suspended from Twitter.

Griffin is most known for a 2017 stunt in which the comedian published a photo of herself holding a mock severed head of then-President Donald Trump.

In what appeared to be a dig at his impersonator, Musk himself addressed the suspension in a follow-up tweet, stating that Griffin had been suspended for impersonating a comedian.

Musk did specify that Griffin’s account could be reinstated, suggesting the ban wouldn’t be permanent.

A prominent left-wing podcaster was also suspended from the service following an attempt to impersonate Musk in a direct challenge of the new Twitter rule.

Last week, Musk stated his intent to provide a premium version of Twitter, available with “verification” privileges to users who pay $8 a month for Twitter Blue.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.