GAME CHANGER: Trump’s Epic Welfare Move Infuriates Liberals – It’s Perfect

President Trump made everyone in our country the promise that he would Make America Great Again. Considering the statistics from his short time in office, he has proven that America is improving every day.

Nearly 1.2 million people have dropped out of food stamps programs alone, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) data. In January, as Trump took office, there were 42,691,363 people using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). As of May 2017, that number has dropped drastically to 41,496,255. 

For the time between January and May, this represents a percentage drop of 2.79 percent, arguably better than having an additional million plus people under the government’s care. This is the lowest number of people on welfare since 2010, according to Breitbart.

The numbers are irrefutable. The government is moving in the right direction when over a million people drop out of a government program and are capable of feeding their families. In just four months, 584,674 households ended their dependency on SNAP.

When Trump designed the 2018 budget, he proposed a cut to SNAP funding. He encouraged states to match up to 20 percent of the amount of federal money pumped into the government program.

The budget also called for states to reform the way work requirements function for able-bodied adults who are currently on government assistance. The goal is to make more people independent and less reliant on help from the government.

Another deciding factor in the drop of individuals on food stamps comes from Trump’s view on undocumented immigration. He is working to secure our borders to only allow people who go through the legal process of becoming a citizen.

Since undocumented immigrants have been denied entrance and are deported instead, the number of people on government programs from this demographic has plummetted. At the same time, people who are here unlawfully are canceling their government benefits and working on making ends meet for their own protection.

Multiple states throughout the country, including Georgia and Alabama, are forcing people to work if they want to receive food stamps. There was a 62 percent drop in Georgia’s welfare roll since January. If that number was about the same throughout the country, the amount of money spent on SNAP could be cut in half, with more to spare.

Better still, 13 different counties in Alabama noticed an 85 percent drop in new food stamp enrollment after the state changed the way people could qualify for food stamps. In other words, people decided it would be wiser to buy their own food and still have cash left over, than to work solely for food stamps.

Since January, 35,000 people dropped off of Alabama’s food stamp roll. There are visible results here that should not be ignored. At the federal level, the amount of time that an able-bodied adult can receive food stamps has decreased drastically. Now, an able-bodied person can only receive food stamps for three months over the course of three years without working.

If Trump’s goal is to make more people independent of government assistance, he may have just found a method that works.