JUST IN: Trump’s Powerful Warning To “Turncoat” Republicans Has A Lot Of People Talking…

Vice President Mike Pence warned members of the GOP who turned their back on the party in the recent vote on replacing and repealing Obamacare. Pence was forthright with the GOP, saying that inaction is not an option.

Trump has a message for those Republicans in the Senate who refused to support repealing and replacing Obamacare – he is not going to take the blame for their failures. “NO GAMES! HOUSE @GOP MUST DEFUND OBAMACARE! IF THEY DON’T, THEN THEY OWN IT!” wrote the President years ago as a warning to Republicans in the House at that time, a timely message even today. (via Washington Examiner)

The division in the House and Senate comes at a crucial time for the Republican Party. One of their hallmark projects, legislation that would repeal and replace Obamacare, something that many members of the GOP and financially-burdened Americans are praying for, has stalled due to certain GOP senators turning their backs on the party.

Republican Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas stood against the GOP’s bill, joining the ranks of Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Rand Paul of Kentucky. The bill just barely fell short of going through due to their lack of support.

President Trump is discontent with the failures of his colleagues in Congress and is refusing to stand for this setback at such a crucial hour.

“Let Obamacare fail. It’ll be a lot easier. I think we’re probably in that position, where we’ll just let Obamacare fail. I’m not gonna own it. I can tell you the Republicans are not gonna own it,” said the President. (via FOX News)

If Republicans cannot muster their ranks to pass this bill, then Trump will find Democrats who will defect once Obamacare implodes on its own. “We’ve had a lot of victories, but we haven’t had a victory on health care,” he said. (via FOX News)

Trump wants Republicans to pass the new healthcare bill. Do you think Republicans should be unified in support of the bill?

His remarks come alongside VP Mike Pence, who said in a speech that “Congress needs to do their job, and Congress needs to do their job now,” and that “Inaction is not an option…the Senate passed the very same bill back in 2015 and sent it to President Obama’s desk and they should do it again…Congress needs to step up.” (via YouTube)

Trump had more to say on Wednesday when he told Republican senators that they shouldn’t leave Washington for August recess until they send him an Obamacare repeal bill to sign. “For seven years you promised the American people that you would repeal Obamacare. People are hurting. Inaction is not an option and frankly, I don’t think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan,” stated the president in a White House lunch with GOP senators. (via Fox News)

Trump is right; Republicans need to get their act together at this crucial moment and pull through. Millions of Americans are suffering financially under the exploding premiums of Obamacare, and our elected officials need to be unified in this hour of need and make good on their promise to repeal and replace.