BREAKING: Trump Sends Brutal Warning To N. Korea – This Will Give You Chills

National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, has come out this week to comment on how very vulnerable Kim Jong-un is.

When asked by MSNBC if North Korea’s dictator should be sleeping easily at night, McMaster responded, “No, I think he should not be… He’s isolated on this.” The chilling comment suggests that Jong may be facing some harsh resistance. 

McMaster noted that Kim Jong-un is the ruler of a three generation-old dictatorship in North Korea, but that Kim has been playing his cards differently than his father, and grandfather, once did.

The man is just as violent and controlling as the dictators before him were. His treatment of the young American student, Otto Warmbier, is but one example of the brutality North Koreans experience daily.

As reported by the New York Post, the young Warmbier was accused of attempting to steal a propaganda poster, and was sent to prison for 18 months. He returned to his devastated American family in a coma, from which he eventually died.

Without President Trump vouching for the student, he may have never have come home at all. Further, with no way to protect themselves from their government, North Koreans face such tragedies regularly.

McMaster told MSNBC’s Hugh Hewitt that this dictator is different from all the rest. It turns out that Kim Jong-un is even killing his own family members. It’s brutality even worse than his father’s. McMaster didn’t mention this, but it’s clear that this dictator would have little support — even from his own family – for these murders. There may be resistance against the dictator from inside.

While the United States, South Korea, and our other allies have not aggressed against the nation in many years, McMaster says that the country is still in a state of “armistice.” No world leader is happy about Jong’s violent regime. While China may or may not be willing to remove the dictator, they are far from happy with him.

The dictator is completely alone in the world, without any allies. From this weak position, he still has his national media threaten our nation with “unexpected gift packages.” He’s trying to convince his populace that he could win a conflict against the United States, often telling them that our nation is the “knife’s edge of life and death.” Though these threats are pathetic, they’re also disturbing.

Hewitt also asked McMaster, “If [Kim Jong-un] were removed as general, would the regime’s behavior change?” To this, McMaster responded, “I’m not sure about that.” He explained that no one is very clear about the situation Kim Jong-un faces internally, and that the nation has been too unstable for too long for anyone to accurately predict what could happen if Kim were pulled from power.

The only thing that’s clear is this — that Kim Jong-un is facing harsh criticism from all angles. No one supports the destructive and oppressive dictator, and no one can maintain control forever in that kind of environment.