WATCH: Trump’s Bodyguard Acts Quickly When Media Goes TOO FAR

Everyone knows that President Trump and the media have a rather contentious relationship — but nobody ever thought one of Trump’s bodyguards would need to get involved in one of their interactions.

Yesterday, after President Trump’s meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, members of the press came too close to the two leaders during a photo-op. They continued to push forward until one of them knocked over a lamp in the oval office. Kurt Schiller, a bodyguard for President Trump, caught the lamp before it crashed to the floor.

As can be seen in the C-SPAN clip, it shows reporters advancing towards the president with their boom mikes in an effort to get a better view of the two leaders. A woman rebuked the journalists saying, “no pushing.” And then Trump’s bodyguard had to step in.

During the incident, President Trump could be heard saying, “Hey, easy fellas.” The woman again told the reporters not to push, but to no avail. The president also said, “Wow, you guys are getting worse!” The journalists involved in the incident were members of both the foreign press and United States news organizations.

President Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met on Friday to discuss trade and the threat coming from the North Korean regime. During the joint press conference, both leaders affirmed their commitments to the alliance between the United States and South Korea.

The two leaders seem to have differing viewpoints on how to deal with North Korea. President Trump has expressed more hawkish positions on Pyongyang, while Moon seems to favor a more diplomatic approach.

In this incident, the press behaved in a way that was improper, but the real issue with the media is their penchant for pushing the leftist agenda. Throughout the 2016 campaign and the first six months of Trump’s presidency, the media used fake news and biased reporting to undermine the Trump Administration.

This is nothing new.

The establishment media has been unfairly biased against conservatives for decades. Instead of giving the American public the facts, they have skewed news stories in a way that promotes their narrative. The “Russiagate” conspiracy theory is one such example of the media working to attack the Trump Administration.

However, we are now seeing something we haven’t seen much in the past: a Republican politician who is not afraid to strike back against the media. Instead of allowing the media to set the narrative, the president has chosen to call the media out when they are reporting untruths about his administration. Not only that, conservatives are also pushing back against leftist news outlets.

Just this week, undercover journalist James O’ Keefe released a tape of a conversation with a CNN producer. In the tape, the producer all but admitted that the Russiagate story was false. He also said CNN CEO Jeff Zucker has been personally involved in pushing the Trump-Russia “collusion” conspiracy theory. This is just one of many examples of the media using their platform to promote their views.

The American public has lost faith in the media — and for good reason. The press’ bias has become more and more blatant. The public wants facts, not propaganda. The longer the media chooses to push leftist views while attacking conservatives, they will continue to lose viewers. Unfortunately for the left, the media does not seem to be learning their lesson.