GREAT AGAIN: Trump Wins Major ‘Food Stamp’ Victory, Millions Affected

While President Donald Trump faces immense opposition to most of his agenda, his economic policies are making an indisputable impact when it comes to jobs, the stock market, and other tangible measurements.

One area in which President Trump has now achieved a positive influence on Americans’ lives is a dependency on government aid. According to NewsMax, nearly 1.5 million Americans have dropped off food stamp entitlement rolls since President Trump took office.

Falling food stamp program enrollment not only means more people are becoming independent– it also indicates less money is taken from taxpayers to fund the social safety net program. Thus, the benefits of the drop in food stamp usage are felt throughout the economy.

Statistics from the US Department of Agriculture show that enrollment in the food stamps program went down to 41,203,721 for a total decrease of 1,487,642 since the day President Trump was sworn in.

During that period, the largest decrease was from March to April, when more than 500,000 went off food stamp program enrollment. The numbers indicate a downward trend since Inauguration Day, suggesting President Trump’s policies account for the change.

However, officials believe the food stamp figures may go up in the report for August and September as a result of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Officials also factor in Florida’s Hurricane Irma to a lesser extent.

The storms prompted the Federal government to ease restrictions and to issue temporary benefits to those affected. Thus, the previous two months may skew the figures of the general Trump-era trend toward lower food stamp program enrollment.

A number of factors account for the news. President Trump has encouraged economic growth and investment with a significant elimination of regulations. As Christian News Alerts reported, President Trump has slashed hundreds of Obama-era regulations during his time in office.

This has prompted record stock-market performance. Earlier this month, the S&P 500 closed at a new high, marking the longest streak of record closes in two decades. This coincided with a report that consumer sentiment surged to a 13-year high, meaning more people are spending and investing, all of which stimulates business and leads to the creation of more jobs.

The President has spurred job creation in more direct ways as well. He fast-tracked projects that had been stalled by the Obama administration, such as the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, which together will provide thousands of Americans with employment and boost local communities — all while giving Americans more affordable access to petroleum.

And soon after taking office, President Trump made good on his campaign promise to scrap the Trans-Pacific Partnership. As Breitbart reports, the Trans-Pacific Partnership would have hurt Americans by facilitating the loss of domestic jobs to foreign countries.

Food stamp usage is down under Trump’s administration. Is this good?

Under President Trump, the stock market and consumer confidence are high, unemployment and food stamp program enrollment are going down, and jobs are being created. The economy is on the road to not only recover from years of stagnation but reaching new heights of growth and prosperity.

Democrats may find ways to attack President Trump’s character or create scandals out of misconstrued statements, but there’s no arguing with the numbers. America is prospering in the Trump-era.