Trump’s “Ace In The Hole” Will Finally Take Down North Korea

The world has been put in a tough position since North Korea stepped forward and threatened to nuke the United States and certain allies of the US. Now, thanks to President Trump, North Korea may finally be out of options and have no choice but to surrender.

President Trump signed a new executive order Thursday that is going to stop North Korea and dictator Kim Jong-un in his tracks. The new order puts strict travel and economic sanctions on the dictator-run country after repeated threats of nuclear attacks against the US mainland and territories like Guam. One part of the order stops ships and aircraft that have visited with North Korea from entering the United States for 180 days, according to The Hill.

The order was signed at the United Nations General Assembly following Trump’s speech, in which he expressed how frustrated he is with the way North Korea has been handled up to this point. He believes that there is not enough being done to stop Kim’s provocations.

In light of Kim’s looming threats of a nuclear attack, President Trump fired back earlier in the week. He stated that if North Korea continued down the path of developing and using nuclear weapons, the US would “totally destroy” them.

The first leg of this executive order puts a prominent message forward to business owners around the world. The order advises businesses that they have two choices–they can do their business with the US, or they can do their business with North Korea.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin stated it clearly: “Foreign financial institutions are now on notice that, going forward, they can choose to do business with the United States, or with North Korea, but not both.”

The goal is to attack the money supply in North Korea. If they do not have the funds to build nuclear weapons, they will have to come to terms with their empty threats and cease.

This also explains the section of the order that targets trading aircraft and ships. President Trump knows that people are going to do business with the United States over North Korea, especially considering the number of enemies North Korea has made over the years.

President Trump went on to clarify that the goal of this order is not to target China, North Korea’s biggest trading partner. “I want to be clear the order targets only one country — that country is North Korea,” Trump clarified.

A new executive order puts strict travel and economic sanctions on North Korea. Will they be effective?

Interestingly enough, not long after, Trump announced that the Chinese told their central bank to immediately stop all business with North Korea, further crippling Kim’s country.

“I want to thank President Xi [Jinping] of China for the very bold move he made today,” Trump stated. “It was a somewhat unexpected move, and we appreciate it.”

The United States is on the right path to disarming North Korea of their threats, and by default, keeping the nation and the rest of the world safe from harm. It was a bold move to sign this executive order at the UN, but many people would argue that it is something that needed to be done.