BRILLIANT: Trump WH Unveils Shock Plan To Repeal Obamacare

Ensuring that ObamaCare gets repealed and replaced is one of President Trump’s main priorities. The president sees the way that the healthcare system has failed the American people.

The White House is appointing Sen Joe Manchin, (D-W.Va.) to the position of  Energy Secretary at the Department of Energy. At the same time, the current Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, would be moved to the Department of Defense, according to Washington Examiner. The result would be a free spot in Congress, where new Republican West Virginia Governor, Jim Justice, could appoint a GOP successor to Manchin who would support repeal and replace. 

Bloomberg reports that a spokesman for Manchin, named Jonathan Kott, declined to admit whether or not the senator would move to the Energy Secretary position. A move to this post would make sense, from a political position.

In fact, Manchin was considered for the job in the DoE when Trump won the election last November. The reason he wasn’t appointed immediately was, in part, due to President Trump refusing to assure Manchin that he could pick his staff.

If W. VA Senator Manchin wants to stay in politics, he should consider making the switch — due to the uphill battle he will have to face in 2018 if he remains a Senator. The results could be positive for everyone involved, including average Americans across in the country.

Jim Justice is an important part of this plan. The Governor announced during a rally with President Trump that he could no longer serve the people as a Democrat, and would be making the switch to Republican the following morning, according to The Atlantic.

Trump’s statement on the switch revealed just how important it is that we move our country forward. The president stated that Justice “Showed the country that our agenda rises above left or right.”

Justice obviously realizes what is at stake here with the repeal and replace of Obamacare, among other things. If they can get Manchin to switch to the Department of Energy, it would open up many different areas of opportunity.

The West Virginia Governor is going to appoint a Senator for his state that will take the ObamaCare repeal and replace seriously. Manchin voted against the repeal and replace, and considering how close we are to a victory on this issue, it only makes sense to move in with new people who will side with reason and facts. Someone who will do what is in the interest of the people of this country.

The shake-up would do wonders for the country overall. For example, Perry is not quite fit to be at the Energy Department when compared to his peers. Two recent secretaries came in with PHDs in physics, while Perry has an animal science major at Texas A&M, according to the piece by The Atlantic.

Over the past month, a repeal and replace plan failed, and most recently an ObamaCare straight repeal failed with a 55-45 vote, according to Fox News. The straight repeal would have given senators two years to figure out what they were going to do about a replacement.

This story will be monitored closely and if any switches from within the White House are made you can expect to read them here first.