HORRIFYING: Trump Stabbed In Back By One Of His Top Advisors

President Trump has had to let quite a few people go since taking his position in the Oval Office. Someone new might be added to that list very soon.

White House National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster gave former National Security Advisor Susan Rice “unfettered and continuing access to classified information,” reported in a letter published by Circa. The letter released just one month after Rice was caught unmasking President Trump, people close to him, and other average American citizens. The letter waived her “need to know” basis and provided her with unlimited and unchecked access to classified information. 

The letter was sent directly to Rice’s home in April. Trump was not informed that the letter was sent and didn’t know anything about McMaster’s decision. The president should be informed when someone is given unchecked access to top secret information.

It was uncovered by Circa back in March that while Rice worked under Obama, she and Obama’s top aides would check in on intelligence reports received from the National Security Agency’s incidental intercepts of Americans abroad. In other words, they were looking at information that should not have been available to them.

They were allowed to dig through this information due to Obama relaxing the laws under the guise of allowing the government to battle terrorists and espionage by foreign enemies and threats from hacking.

A couple of months ago, Rice was subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee due to an investigation into Americans unmasked under Obama. Rice swore she did not do anything wrong and stated that she would testify.

There are certain situations where senior officials in the government can receive access to classified documents, but this is not one of them. Trump is facing major issues in his White House right now. There are questions as to whether anyone in his cabinet has been unmasked.

Rice’s participation should have been limited to a “need to know” basis. Instead, McMasters gave her access to go through any document she wanted without question. This breach of functional protocol is a serious problem.

Trump said he believes the Obama administration unmasked him and the people close to him. As this case is examined, there seems to be mounting evidence supporting his claim.

Leaks from the White House have become a major concern and the news of H.R. McMaster’s actions is troubling. Do you believe McMaster purposely meant to harm Trump?

There are many examples of the Obama administration unmasking people when he was president. Sometimes they would use specific names in the unmasking. Other times they would describe the person so accurately, there was no question who was being discussed.

President Trump needs to dig into this case more and figure out why McMasters gave access to Rice. Something is not right, and the American people deserve answers. Trump is diligent and will soon get to the bottom of this.