WATCH: Trump Silences UN With Blistering Indictment of Socialism. This Is Historic.

There has been a rise on the Left of socialists seeking power in the US, believing Socialism to be a better form of governing and economic policy than representative government and Capitalism.

At the United Nations General Assembly, President Trump severely condemned Socialism by using Venezuela as an example according to Washington Free Beacon. To the assembly, he said, “The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that Socialism has been faithfully implemented.”

According to the New York Daily News, Venezuela is in a rapidly falling death spiral with a failing economy, a starving population, and a socialist system that has paved the way for an autocracy. The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, has been grabbing for more power in his attempts to stabilize the economy.

He jailed protestors and opponents, rigged an election in July to replace parliament with supporters loyal to him, killed 50 demonstrators with his security forces, and is currently attempting to rewrite the country’s constitution to grant him even more power. Venezuelans are demoralized, afraid, and starving.

In a tweet, Trump called for the country’s freedom. “We call for the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in Venezuela, and we want it to happen very, very soon!”

The fall of Venezuela occurred with the rise of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, according to Breitbart. The socialist party saw Hugo Chavez come into power, who then handed the reins over to Maduro. The private sectors vanished as the government took control of the markets.

Venezuela’s collapse is a direct result of the socialist party being unable to run the businesses at a profit, according to Washington Post. A country with the world’s largest oil reserves, an immensely in-demand commodity that has seen other countries go to war to obtain access to its production, Venezuela is experiencing such a severe economic deficit that the people are starving.

In addition to botching the sale of crude oil, the socialist party has enforced lower prices on basic goods to make them more affordable to the average citizen. It sounds good to the consumer, but the producers were unable to generate a profit and were unable to keep up supplies, leading to economic ruin and food shortages.

What’s alarming is that in the middle of a model example of what happens to a country and its people when they embrace Socialism, it’s gaining popularity in the US, according to The Federalist.

When presidential candidate Bernie Sanders appeared on the campaign trail, many young Americans were right alongside him. In fact, numerous polls have concluded that 53 percent of millennials between the age of 18 and 29 were in favor of Socialism.

A terrifying realization from these polls was that the average millennial cannot truly explain how Socialism works. When asked to describe or define Socialism, they rattled off vague ideas like “niceness” or “being together.” Others believed it was “the government pays for our own needs.”

President Trump severely condemned Socialism by using Venezuela as an example. Is the country a “poster child” for Socialism?

Even many Democrat leaders have been unable to grasp that Socialism is the government owning and operating all businesses. Interestingly, when the same millennials that showed 53 percent favoritism towards Socialism were asked if they would rather have a free market economy (Capitalism) or a government-managed economy (Socialism), 64 percent were suddenly in favor of free markets.

No doubt what has occurred in Venezuela, when socialism took control, is what’s similarly occurring among Sanders’ supporters, Democrats, and millennials. None of them really understand what Socialism is. They want free health care for all, free college education, universal incomes, cheaper goods and services, and so on, but don’t realize that the government must operate and control all businesses to do so.

Trump was right when he said Venezuela was the result of “faithfully implemented” Socialism, but he should have also mentioned it was a blind faith. Let’s learn the lesson from Venezuela and get rid of Socialism in the US before it destroys everything we’ve built.