BREAKING: Trump Shocks Liberals With What He Wore On His Jacket

If you take a look at the photo of the leaders who attended the G20 Summit in Germany this past week, you might notice something… different.

Each leader that attends the conference wears a “G20 pin” in their lapel. It is part of the tradition of the conference. However, President Trump decided to forego tradition and wear an American flag on his lapel instead. (via Daily Mail)

Credit: Image via AP / Daily Mail

Many world leaders who attend the conference wear the G20 pin along with their country’s flag, while others stick to the G20 pin. President Trump’s decision to simply wear the American flag symbolizes his commitment to his “America First” approach to the presidency.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, the president promised to pursue policies that benefit the United States while rejecting those that put the interests of other nations ahead of our own. It was a message that resonated with his base.

He promised to pull out of trade deals that were not favorable to the United States of America. He has also stated that he will impose tariffs on products manufactured in Mexico. Of course, one of the most highly-criticized actions he has taken is withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate accord.

His decision to pull out of the climate agreement was met with scathing criticism both in the international community and at home. However, it is clear that the Paris climate accord was an ineffective “agreement” that does not enforce its own parameters. In essence, complying with the agreement would be bad for the U.S. and good for the other members of the agreement. Additionally, it has already been shown that if every country involved in the agreement complied with its guidelines, it would not have much of an impact at all on global temperatures.

Based on his previous actions and message, it should come as a surprise that President Trump decided to wear the American flag instead of the G20 pin.

So far, his fashion choice has been lauded by his supporters. The Daily Mail reports that many of them took to Twitter to express their approval of the president’s American flag. One user tweeted, “WAY TO GO MR PRESIDENT.” Another posted, “I’m absolutely devoted to Trump and his mission… which is our mission. A simple thing like the flag pin speaks volumes.”

One of the reasons why Trump’s base supports him is because of his desire for America to be a strong nation. Many felt that former President Barack Obama made us weaker on the international stage. Certainly, Obama’s many foreign policy blunders have lent some credibility to these arguments.

Trump’s pin may not be a big deal in the overall scheme of things, but it does serve as a small symbol that shows the direction in which our country is headed.