BREAKING: Trump Shatters 44-Year-Old Record

President Trump has achieved another major milestone, and it’s wonderful news for everyone.

According to The Washington Examiner, the economy is flourishing under the Trump administration. Jobless claims in the second week of October have hit an astounding low of 222,000. It hasn’t been this low in 44 years.

Jobless claims are one of the primary indicators of how well the economy is doing. Investors and government officials look to this number to determine how often people are being laid off, and how fast people are able to find new employment before falling back on unemployment benefits.

There aren’t many layoffs occurring, and people are finding work before they need to claim unemployment to make ends meet. This is wonderful news for an economy that has seen staggering numbers of unemployment claims for years.

This low comes after the brief uptick seen in unemployment shortly after Hurricanes Harvey and Jose ravaged Florida and Texas. Many analysts felt that both states would suffer for some time as a result of the natural disasters, but the numbers are trending unexpectedly low.

The low jobless claims are yet another indicator that the US economy has been thriving under President Trump. The Washington Times reports that, since Mr. Trump took the presidency, the overall health of the economy is positive and trending upwards.

One construction executive spoke about how his business has changed since President Trump’s election, “It was like on election day a light switch was flicked on and our business started improving and it hasn’t stopped.”

Long before Mr. Trump became President, Democrats were pessimistic, claiming that the economy was due to another recession. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers even stated that he believed the slow 2 percent growth seen under Obama was “the new normal” for the US economy.

Those on the Left quickly attributed the significant growth seen under President Trump to Former President Obama, rather than admitting that President Trump was responsible.

An article by CNBC even went so far as to claim that Former President Obama laid the groundwork that was necessary for a thriving economy, claiming that President Trump simply inherited it.

These claims don’t account for how rapidly things have grown since President Trump took office.

The growth in our economy probably has a lot to do with the optimism that President Trump brought to the business community. President Trump has often vowed to fulfill his campaign promises to “Make America Great Again,” cut taxes, incentivize companies to remain in the US, and rollback pointless regulations that stifle businesses.

The Trump presidency has lead to a record low unemployment rate! Have his policies improved the US economy?

As a result, businesses and investors are more confident in their dealings, and their efforts have spurred the economy. The stock market is at record highs, jobless claims are down, and the average American’s net wealth has risen.

Our economy is thriving because we have a successful businessman with a mind to improve the lives of hard-working Americans in office, and he’s delivering on his promises.