JUST IN: Trump Sends Powerful Message to Obama’s Favorite “Ally” – No More Freebies

President Donald Trump is considering a move that will put Pakistan on notice.

According to a report published by Foreign Policy, the president is considering putting a stop to all military aid to Pakistan — he believes that “Washington is being ripped off by Islamabad.”

In July, the president sat down with his top national security aides at Camp David to discuss the United States’ strategy for the war in Afghanistan. The report indicates that sending more troops to the region could have an impact on the United States’ relationship with Pakistan. Officials have stated that the relationship between the two nations is “troubled.”

Trump’s advisors had differing opinions on the issue — some wanted to take a harder line against Pakistan, while other preferred using a softer strategy. The issue between the two nations stems from the fact that the U.S. believes Pakistan is not doing enough to combat the Afghan Taliban. Indeed, some elements of the Pakistani military are providing aid to the terrorist organizations.

The Pentagon has previously stopped supporting Pakistan under the coalition support fund. However, Secretary of Defense James Mattis indicated that the military had found no evidence that Islamabad was making a sincere effort to eliminate the Afghan Taliban.

Pakistan has stated that it is contributing to the war on terror. According to the report, Pakistani Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa told a U.S. military commander that Islamabad is not looking for aid — it only wants the U.S. to acknowledge Pakistan’s efforts in the war against Islamic terror. He said,

“More than financial or material assistance, we seek acknowledgment of our decades-long contributions towards regional peace and stability, understanding of our challenges and most importantly the sacrifices the Pakistani nation and its security forces have rendered in [the] fight against terrorism and militancy.”

Islamabad states that it has done much to assist the U.S. in eliminating terrorists. They have sustained hundreds of deaths at the hands of radical extremists as a response to its efforts. Pakistan has also denied that any part of its military or intelligence agencies has given aid to the Taliban or other radical Islamist groups.

The relationship between the U.S. and Islamabad has been strained mostly because of disagreements over Pakistan’s role in the war against radical Islamic terror.

President Trump is considering putting a stop to all military aid to Pakistan. Should the US stop aid to Pakistan?

U.S. intelligence has already revealed that elements of Islamabad’s military have allied with terrorists. The Pakistani government has not done enough to reign in these rogue factions.


The killing of Osama Bin Laden is an example of how Pakistani authorities have worked with terrorists. Some in the Pakistani government helped Al Qaeda hide the terrorist leader until U.S. intelligence tracked him down.

President Trump has already shown that he takes the war against radical Islamic terrorism seriously. On several occasions, he has vowed to eliminate terrorist groups like ISIS. In removing many of the restrictions on our military officials overseas, he has facilitated the recent defeats of the Islamic State. If the president is right — and Pakistan is not putting forth enough effort — we should no longer send them funding.