BREAKING: Trump Just Announced His “Secret Weapon” to Stop Antifa

The terrorist group Antifa started off small, and barely a threat to even the smallest group of protesters. However, as time has passed, their numbers have grown, and their threat is more real than once imagined.

President Trump is looking to counter the danger posed by Antifa. According to MSN, the Trump administration is working toward returning all military surplus to law enforcement departments so that they are better equipped against the members of Antifa, who wants to terrorize the general population. In the past, many of these items were prohibited from law enforcement use.

Documents from the Associated Press show that the President has an Executive Order in the works that would undo the restrictions placed by former President Obama on surplus military gear. Some of the items included on this “restriction list” include grenade launchers, bulletproof vests, riot shields, better firearms, and more.

All gear and equipment that would otherwise get scrapped will be sent to the local and state police to help enforce the law and keep these increasingly violent protesters at bay. The change is much needed. When Antifa sees police officers in bulletproof vests and assault rifles, they’re likely to back down.

It is expected that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will outline the Executive Order early this week so that the police can get a glimpse into the plan and equipment allocations. Timelines for the equipment deliveries would likely also be given at this time.

Both Sessions and Trump have noted that by providing federal support to the local police, violent crime can be reduced in high crime areas. The goal is to make America safer, and this is a turn in the right direction.

Police departments around the country have been watching with eager eyes since Trump’s inauguration. He promised to ensure that law enforcement is supplied with better gear and equipment to keep law enforcement and law-abiding citizens safe.

There have been instances in the past of military equipment aiding situations across the country that could have been far more deadly without the equipment. For example, an armored vehicle helped police stop the 2015 shootings in San Bernardino, CA.

Coincidently, 2015 was the same year that Obama enacted the restrictions on allocating military equipment to police stations. It was initially put into place when law enforcement used tear gas and armored vehicles during the Ferguson riots following the death of Michael Brown.

However, Ferguson was in shambles, and it had nothing to do with police at the time. Rioters had taken control of parts of the city, and private property was destroyed at an alarming rate.

People were not happy about the use of military equipment. So, of course, Obama appeased the rioters and signed the Executive Order halting police departments’ access to surplus military equipment. Since his decision two years ago, there have been more riots than ever before, and the violence is only getting worse.

Military equipment is not something that the police will use on a daily basis. However, it is something they need to have available when situations get out of hand and become a threat to public safety. If the goal is to make the country safe again, then law enforcement will need to be geared up to do their job.