BREAKING: Trump Unleashes “Secret Weapon” Against Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un had better watch his back. His rhetoric has awakened the sleeping giant and that giant may very well be coming home to roost.

The US Navy SEALs responsible for assassinating terrorist leader Osama bin Laden are training an elite group of South Korean soldiers. SEAL Team VI will be training the South Korean commandos how to launch a precision strike against the North Korean leadership in the event of war, reports The Sun.

The newly created South Korean Assassin Squad was originally devised to neutralize “command and control” assets in North Korea. The new unit is still in the planning stages and should be prepared for missions December 1, 2017, according to South Korean Defense Minister Song Young-moo.

The elite unit will be part of the Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR) strategy designed to eliminate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. This unit will be part of the “kill chain” designed to launch a preemptive strike against the North Korean leadership.

The kill chain is one of three axises that make up the South Korean strategy against North Korea. The other axises are South Korea’s domestic anti-missile system, and the Korean Air & Missile Defense.

The South Korean Defense Minister announced the advent of the elite assassination squad shortly after North Korean state media claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. The bomb test simulated a 6.3 magnitude earthquake–ten times larger than any previous North Korean test.

If the North Korean state media’s claims are accurate, it would indicate that rogue nation is now a full fledged nuclear power. Over the last few months, the communist country has successfully tested a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), in addition to their latest warhead.

North Korea’s Hwasong-14 is an ICBM with an effective range of 5,000 miles. The missile is capable of striking major swathes of the continental United States. The missile was first successfully tested on July 4, 2017, to coincide with America’s Independence Day. North Korea recently launched a Hwasong-14 missile over an island of Japan, stirring international outrage.

North Korea’s continued testing of their nuclear arsenal is a direct challenge to President Donald Trump. After the latest successful weapons test, President Trump announced that his administration was considering cutting trade with any nation that deals with North Korea.

The South Korean military also responded to the latest weapons test by launching a “live fire” exercises showcasing their advanced weapon systems to the North Korean regime. South Korea also launched a joint drill launching F-15 fighter jets alongside ground based missiles. The drill simulated the destruction of a North Korean nuclear test site in an attempt to “strongly warn” Kim Jong-un.

As tensions continue to rise on the Korean Peninsula, and North Korean leadership shows no signs of scaling back their nuclear program, many are beginning to prepare for a global conflict.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, warned that American patience is wearing thin. “The time has come to exhaust all diplomatic means before it is too late,” she explained. “Enough is enough. War is never something the United States wants. We don’t want it now, but our country’s patience is not unlimited.”