BREAKING: Trump Reveals Huge “Surprise” 6 Months Into His Presidency

The liberal media has been working hard to paint an ugly picture of Trump. According to them, he is to be despised, is unfit for the office, and cares little about Americans.

Yet after six months of being in office, attempting to make headway despite Democrats and establishment Republicans, Americans are in for a wonderful surprise. Trump has accomplished a lot in six months and he’s kept many of his campaign promises. (via The Gateway Pundit)

The economic sector has seen the most improvement under President Trump. Specifically, the unemployment rate, wages, housing, and the stock market have all improved dramatically under his presidency.

Unemployment has dropped to 4.4 percent, a low that hasn’t been seen since before the 2008 recession. Over 1,027,000 jobs have been created under Trump, a huge difference from the loss of 3.8 million jobs Obama saw in his first six months. Wages have gone up 2.5 percent. Housing has risen 4 percent, bringing the average to a level higher than when the real estate bubble was at its highest in 2006.

The biggest economic change under Trump’s presidency has been on Wall Street. Since winning the election in 2016, the overall stock market has risen 2,600 points. Many analysts believe this optimism in the marketplace is inspired by Trump’s pro-capitalism policies that could help lower corporate taxes and create fewer regulations on financial institutions and health care.

Trump has also been successful in regard to policies. Following one of his campaign promises to pull back on unnecessary regulations, Trump signed into effect a two-for-one executive order early in his presidency. The order requires the revocation of two previous regulations before any one new regulation goes into effect.

The result has been a near freeze on new regulations that has likely benefited both small and large businesses.

Trump’s tough stance against illegal immigration has put a fire under ICE and illegal immigration has plummeted by more than 60 percent as of April. During Obama’s final two years in office, largely due to his open door policies and the rise of sanctuary cities, the United States saw a 57 percent increase in illegal immigration.

Trump has also signed into effect more than 90 executive actions in his first six months. Many fulfill various campaign promises, such as his promise to build a wall on the Mexico border, travel bans on countries known for terrorism, cutting off funding for sanctuary cities that harbor illegal criminals, and many more.

President Trump has also made incredible headway in the war against ISIS with a more aggressive approach, resulting in the deaths of many ISIS leaders including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the primary leader of the terrorist organization.

The United States is prospering under the Trump administration. Are you happy with the improvements Trump has made?

Yet when you hear liberals discussing the accomplishments of Trump in his first six months, they intentionally ignore these victories. Trump is known to liberals for his failure to pass a bill repealing Obamacare, largely due to Democrats’ and establishment Republicans’ resistance, rather than Trump. Most insulting is their insistence that the economic success under Trump is a latent result of Obama’s work.

Chances are you won’t hear about these successes in the media. They prefer to focus on his few failures that were the result of Democratic interference or Republican resistance rather than the many successes.

Trump has proven to be a great president so far and it appears he will be a great president for the rest of his term. Hopefully he can accomplish more valuable and laudable work, despite the efforts of the establishment to tear him down.