WATCH: Trump Reveals Brilliant Plan To Take Back The NFL

This is about so much more than football.

President Trump sent chills down the spines of NFL owners last night when he told fans to start boycotting games. While stumping for Sen. Luther Strange in Huntsville, Alabama, President Trump told the crowd that if you see a player kneeling during the national anthem, “leave the stadium. I guarantee you it will end.”

President Trump is clearly a fan of the NFL, and you can hear that he is personally disappointed in the direction the league has taken in recent years. Yet, his comments reflect much more than just football.

NFL games are typically massive ratings draws. Last year, despite dwindling ratings, the NFL still managed to secure 31 of the 100 most watched television events of the year, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Football is one of the few elements of American culture that can still unite us.

However, like many aspects of our culture, football is under attack. Conservatives have struggled to preserve American identity against attacks from liberal elites in New York and Hollywood for decades. Football, known as ‘America’s game’, is one of the last bastions of traditional American society.

British conservative John O’Sullivan once opined that, “All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing.” This aphorism has since become known as O’Sullivan’s law.

Progressives sink their teeth into institutions. Conservatives, who are more dedicated to allowing differing opinions, don’t realize the progressives are uprooting them until they are kicked out the door.

Of course, O’Sullivan’s law applies to the NFL, and explains why the once all-American organization, and it’s partners, are now pushing liberal propaganda. Sports opinion journalism has completely combined with political punditry, and ESPN has become indistinguishable from MSNBC.

By protesting the Star Spangled Banner, Colin Kaepernick and his followers made it clear that they are not proud Americans. They have been creating an environment in the NFL that will ensure the institution falls to progressivism completely.

Young people who look up to football players will think his behavior is acceptable, or even honorable.

Our youth are sent the same message on progressive campuses across our nation. They are taught by the almost exclusively leftists faculty that America is the source of all evil around the world.

According to progressives, taking pride in America is akin to taking pride in slavery and colonialism. Conservatives, on the other hand, recognize the failures of previous generations, yet still take pride in their ancestors. While not every aspect of American history is a source of pride, our country is still a beacon on a hill and a guiding light for the world to follow.

President Trump explained that he, and his supporters are, “unified by the same great American values. We are proud of our country, we respect our flag!” When President Trump rails against Colin Kaepernick, he is also railing against the elitist media bubble that is attempting to convince Americans to be ashamed of their success. The only way to fight back is by hurting the bottom line.