BREAKING: Trump Receives Urgent Terror Warning

It’s been five years since the terrible Benghazi terrorist attack that left four Americans dead. What’s upsetting is that not only could it have been prevented, but it may happen again.

According to Fox News, two security men from an American security company who tried to assist in preventing the original attack said another Benghazi attack could happen because the same officials who botched the security are still in office. They also said existing contract rules motivate security companies to cut corners.

The two men, Brad Owens and Jerry Torres, work for Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, a private security contractor based out of the US. They insist that their company was pressured to keep quiet about the failed security in Benghazi.

The company has a long history of providing security for US embassies around the world. Working in highly dangerous locales like Africa, the Middle East, and South America. This company knows what it takes to provide accurate and well-executed security measures to keep American diplomats safe and protect lives.

Owens is a former Army Intelligence Officer and has experience in Libya from his work for the company in 2012 as point man. He said the attack on Benghazi was a result of the death of Muammar Qaddafi, the Libyan dictator who was overthrown and murdered in the streets in 2011. The death led to destabilization in the area where terrorist organizations like al Queda began to thrive and obtain power.

His company applied to provide security for the embassy but were beat out by a smaller less experienced company, The Blue Mountain Group, based out of the UK, because they were cheaper.

When the attack occurred, the hired security company proved incapable of doing their job in the face of a “coordinated attack” and the Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions company was contacted for assistance.

Owens says their company lacked the necessary time to mount a proper defense to prevent the horrendous attack. “There was nothing we could’ve done about it,” Owens said. “If we’d had a one-month warning… who knows what might’ve happened.”

To their surprise, the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time, blamed the attack on an anti-Islam video and subsequent protest, claiming they didn’t have the warnings or the time to properly secure the embassy.

Even worse, Torres claims he was called in by the State Department contracting officer, Jan Visintainer, and told to keep quiet about it. “[Visintainer] said that I and people from Torres should not speak to the media, should not speak to any officials with respect to the Benghazi program,” Torres said.

Some of the same Benghazi security officials are still serving. Does this make you fear for Trump’s safety?

The two men couldn’t keep quiet any longer as those individuals responsible for the improper security are still in office. Owens says those responsible for the lack of security at Benghazi, “who made the poor choices that actually, I would say, were more responsible for the Benghazi attacks than anyone else, they’re still in the same positions, making security choices for our embassies overseas now.”

He also blamed the lack of security on a law meant to cut costs by accepting the lowest bidder on contracts. “In 1990, Congress passed a law that required contracts of this nature to go to the lowest bidder that’s technically acceptable. Now, what that has created is a race to the bottom, is what we call it. So basically, every company tries to cut every corner they can for these contracts.”

Both men are hopeful that with their insider information on what really happened, and with Trump as president, justice can be done for the families of the four lost and the bureaucrats responsible for the Benghazi tragedy will finally be replaced, so US embassies can be better protected from future attacks.