WATCH: Trump “Racism” Video Resurfaces, Liberals Completely Humiliated

The media narrative against President Donald Trump has long been that he is a racist who gives a platform to Neo-Nazis, etc. One video from 1999 proves that the media is once again wrong.

In that year, Reverend Jesse Jackson praised Donald Trump the businessman for his contributions to the African American community. Jackson used words like “inclusive” in order to describe Mr. Trump’s approach to hiring practices and business practices.

Of course, Jackson is now singing a different tune. The radical activist slammed President Trump for supposedly not denouncing the handful of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists that attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend.

Jackson criticized these groups for their legacies of “murder,” but has never taken his close friend, Reverend Al Sharpton, to task for his own hand in legitimizing racial violence.

In 1993, Al Sharpton led several protests against the eviction of Sikhulu Shange and his store, Record Shack. Sharpton’s coalition consistently defamed the building’s owner, a Jewish man named Fred Harari, despite the fact that Shange was originally asked to leave by a black Pentecostal Church.

After Sharpton called Harari and other non-blacks “white interlopers,” a deranged gunman named Ronald James Smith, Jr. shot and killed eight white and Latino shoppers inside of Freddie’s Fashion Mart, Harari’s store.

In that same year, Jackson provided the blueprint for later mainstream media reactions to Islamic terrorism when he told the media that he feared “backlash” against black people, after gunman Colin Ferguson deliberately targeted white people for death onboard the Long Island Railroad. The reverend it seems was more worried about the backlash than the fact that such anti-white violence had occurred.

Ultimately, Reverend Jackson is the man who called New York City “Hymietown” (an anti-Semitic slur). His opinions are not worth much.

As for President Trump, his has long bragged about the fact that he was the first major construction mogul in New York City to put a woman in charge of a project. Similarly, President Trump won more support from black and Hispanic Americans than Mitt Romney or John McCain in the 2016 election.

As is the case with our current discourse, it is the Left, especially the far-Left, that sees everything in racial terms. Even yesterday in Boston, a Black Lives Matter protester screamed at a black police officer by saying, “Stupid-a** black b****. You’re supposed to be on our side.” This is the crowd that the media wants us to believe is motivated by love, not hate.

Again, the former praise heaped on Donald Trump in 1999 is just another indication of how quickly the news will transform narratives in order to uphold the current liberal status quo. People do change, and opinions change, but it is hard to imagine that President Trump went from being an icon of outreach to a fire-breathing Nazi in just sixteen years.

Thankfully, President Trump knows all about the “fake news” media and their machinations. More Americans are waking up, too.